Sunday, October 21, 2007

A working weekend

I stayed busy this weekend. I had decided a while back that I wouldn't work on customer quilts on the weekends. But this weekend I did. trying to clear my October stack, I kept at it thru the weekend. And below is what I accomplished.
This quilt had a TON of SID. It was made by my client in one of my machine applique classes.

And she wanted me to quilt it. So I outlined the applique, did detail veins inside the leaves, quilted oak leaves in the plain blocks and triangles. And SID in the lattice work and between the borders. and in the outer border I just did a very simple freehand leaf and vine.

The extreme closeup is so Mary can see my stitch quality....we have the same machine (except mine is not stitch regulated and hers is)

This is another customer quilt finished this week. I did a panto in the center (LT's stars and loops), figure 8's in the yellow border, and my own stars, loops and spaceships in the outer borders.

A productive week. Just 8 more quilts to go for this month!


  1. The leaf quilt is BEAUTIFUL! I know that people don't like doing SID but it sure makes a huge difference in the finihsed look. I love the border treatment as well. Great job with the space motifs on the second quilt too! I hope the remaining 8 are a litle easier than the leaf quilt.

  2. I'm actually more impressed that you can do SID without a regulator than in the close-up of the leaf!!

    You're right - I do love this quilt and you did a wonderful job quilting it.

  3. Your work is simply beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing your cats with us. I have two of my own. Very dear companions. They love my sewing room...see my blog. They get into everything and sometimes that means serious trouble for them.

    Happy Quilting!

  4. I had already noticed this quilt in your updated webshots...I enjoyed a nice slideshow yesterday :-) Your quilting is top notch!


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