Saturday, March 29, 2008

Playing with new toys

I like needle felting. It's another one of those things that adds texture. I like texture. Well last week I found these cool new felting tools at joggles. They are molds that can be used to applique shapes directly onto fabric or you can make 3-D shapes independently to then use as pins, barrettes, or sew them to hats or whatever. So I ordered 5 of the available molds....I know, overboard as always. But I have TONS of wool roving(as Mary can attest too), so this will help me use it.
Then of course, you need the pen style felting tool above. (I already had the felting mat). If you are going to applique directly to fabric, place your fabric on top of the mat, then put the mold there. Fill the shapes with wool roving and needle according to the directions you get with the mold, very simple and very quick.
Now if you want to make your shape 3-D, then instead of fabric, you put a piece of computer paper on the mat, then the mold, and then needle as directed. When done you just peel the shape off the paper. The paper below is what I used when making a rose.

Can you see the dent I made in the wool roving??? Ha! neither can I. I think it's just like fabric scraps....multiplies in the drawers..LOL!!

But after I was done, this is what I had. A pretty rose, complete with leaves, and a butterfly! I think I'll do a little beading on them, and sew broach pin backs to them.

And once again, the mailman brought me goodies. 2 postcards today. This one is from Rachel. Another April/ diamond gal.

And this one from AnnMarie, a January/garnet girl. They are both great, I love them! Thank you ladies very much!

And that's it for today. Hope you are having a great weekend!

Friday, March 28, 2008

furbabies and postcards

First, the newest postcards received. This one is from Vicki...her birthday is September..a sapphire birthstone. This is bobbin drawing on beautiful blue silk. Very elegant. Thanks Vicki.
And this is from Lily. Her birthday is in April...birthstone diamond. This has the sparkle and the shape! Thanks Lily, it's beautiful.
And on a sad note. This week has not been a good one for some fur babies. My friend Suzanne lost her puppy Maggie last night, and my SIL is losing her cat Jingle bell to cancer. My heart goes out to both of you. It has not been that long since I walked in your shoes with my beloved Sidney and Ira. There will never be a day I don't miss them.
And that makes today's antics of Chloe and Harry all the more special to me. These two little people lightened my grief and despair, and they enrich my life each and every day. What's not to love here!

My thoughts and prayers are with you both Ann and Suzanne.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Being bad again!

I don't participate in the stashbusters group, but I will say I didn't buy any fabric last week. That is unusual for me....not even a fat quarter! That is not to say however, that I did not buy other "stuff".

But before I get into that, look at today's mail. This one is from Jami. She talks about being born on July 4th and thinking as a child that the fireworks were for her! How cute is that!

And this one is from Judy, who was born in October; hers tells the story of how opals are formed. Both are great, thank you Jami and Judy, I love them!

And now to what I've been buying.....beads, and lots of them. All different kinds. So today instead of working I decided to sort and make my own bead mixes from the seeds, triangles,hexes,delicas, and bugles. These bags represent only a small portion of the total number. Here are the blues and greens.
And here are the purples and pinks.

And the reds....

And yellows and oranges....

and browns, golds, and blacks.

And finally the crystal and multicolors. Now this doesn't address the letter beads, daggers, flowers, fish, charms etc, etc, etc. We won't even go there.

I also stocked up this week on some neat new needle felting stuff, but I'll save that for another post.
And I'll leave you with a picture of Harry supervising my latest visit to joggles.

He obviously thinks I'm going to be there a while, so he's going to take a nap!

Have a great night!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring Challenge

Each year our guild has a spring challenge. The winner of the previous year has to do the next year. I won last year's challenge, so I am in charge of this years.

Well, since this is our guild's 21st year, my challenge was to make a quilt at least 21" square, and using the challenge fabric on the front, and you must include 21 textures. they could be a combination of visual and tactile textures, but not all one or the other.

Well, in preparation, a few months back I did a lecture and demo on textures to get the ball rolling and those creative juices flowing. So, I thought the award ribbons should be full of texture too. So this is what I made.

The gray print fabric is the challenge fabric that they all had to use in some way. I fused 2 layers together and cut out my "starfish" . I also did the same with a red, blue and yellow fabric. I off set them, and used felt for the circles (pinked the edges) and put a smaller circle of fun foam underneath to give it body. sewed the nautilus shell button on and then cut felt streamers and yarns, stitched the felt circle, streamers, Angelina fibers and the 2 offset starfish together. Then I put a good amount of "jewel glue" around the felt circles and sprinkled in coordinating beads. After the glued beads dried, I hand sewed a broach pin to the back.

Pretty cute ribbons, even if I do say so myself!

The luncheon and show is this coming Friday. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they all came up with!
Happy Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008

A good mail day

Amazing mail day actually! I just love these postcard swaps! I got 2 in today's mail...what a bonus! These are, as are the past few I shared with you from our latest MQR swap. The theme this time is "birthstone"
It is so much fun to see what each person comes up with.

This first one is from Gretchen and her birthstone is Diamond. She made this grid with ribbon and embellished it with "diamond" crystals. How elegant! Thank you so much Gretchen.
And the second one is from Becca. Becca's birthstone is peridot, same as mine. But she had a very different vision. She took her inspiration from the stones color....not the stone itself. She then translated that color to something she dearly loves...sea turtles. Amazing, Becca I love it! Thank you.

These 2 cards are a perfect example of the definition of truly is an individual interpretation. Each vision is unique and beautiful. Thank you ladies, and to all of you who make art in your own way whatever that may be, and then share it with the rest of us to appreciate and enjoy.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New postcard and new haircolor!

Got this beautiful new postcard today from Michelle. The photo does not do it justice. She had cut snippets of fabrics and layered them with Angelina. Then covered it with tulle and stitched it down. She then put some golden topaz crystals on top and couched pretty yarn around the edge. Very nice, thanks you Michelle!

Also, I got new hair color this week. It was getting too hard to keep the dark ahead of the gray. So I added blonde. The gray blends in better now. So, I'm all set. Now if I could just lose 20 pounds.......

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

post # 2 Mary's quilt and the cats

OK, I said I'd post Mary's quilt top tonight and I will. Just as soon as I post the new pictures of my babies! They are both feeling much better today after being on their antibiotics. Here we have them under my longarm table while I work....they are always near me and this is a good spot while I work.
Here we have Harry grooming Chloe.
I must have thought this one is cute cause I posted it twice...duh!

And here is Chloe grooming Harry....turnabout is fair play!

And Harry working on Chloe a little more...

And now we're all cleaned and preened. Aren't we beautiful?? Absolutely, and the sweetest things alive to boot!
Now, to Mary's quilt. This is a top that our Mother pieced and appliqued for Mary. In case you don't recognize the pattern, it is a Carolina lily. It is done in Christmas fabrics and has tons of "white" (actually cream) space for quilting.

We'll see if I can do it justice.

Wish me luck!

Enough photos for 2! #1 my postcards

OK, this post is all about my postcards for the latest MQR swap. If you are participating and want to be'd better leave now.

The theme this time was your birthstone. Well I am an August girl, and my sign is Leo( read into that what you must..LOL). So here are my cards. i was in 2 groups, but all my cards are the same essentially, but individually have small differences, so that they are all 1 of a kind in execution.

Mary has been giving me grief about all the embellishments I buy...and haven't yet used....well; I used lots of peridot colored beads for this!!! So many, I almost depleted my supply and I need to go buy some more!!!

Without any more they are.

Do you find it the least bit interesting that my sign is a cat???? Who says there is no master plan!

Monday, March 17, 2008

A beautiful new postcard

I got this beauty from Gayle today. Part of the latest MQR postcard swap...the theme is "birthstone" Mine were mailed today, so I'll wait a day or two to post the pictures.

Gayle's birthstone is aquamarine. I love this! The fish is embroidered. the water is glitter and then the fish eye and 'bubbles' are crystals. Well done, Gayle and thank you very much!
We spent a large part of the day at the vet's. Chloe had a reaction to her yearly vaccines and Harry had a tummy ache..... Both are now on medication and feeling better. Thank God for a great Vet!!