Saturday, March 1, 2008

Another train of thought

You may remember this diamond background I pieced some time ago. The original thought was to have a mariners compass among other things on this background.You might also remember these mariners compass blocks I pieced...4 of them. Well, I just don't like the way the background of the star looks on the diamond background. Soooo.....
I thought what would happen if I cut away the background from the star...hum... Now some of you will think I'm nuts, especially after all the public P&M I did about what a pain those blocks were. But look!

And on another background. I think I'm liking this!

So to get to the point of this whole will it look on my diamond pieced background?
This is the original block laid on the background. It's OK, but just not what I'm looking for.

Now this is the same compass star with the background cut away. I love it! It almost seems to float... Maybe now I can finally get this top done!

And I just might have to cut away the background on the other 3 compasses!


  1. I like it....much better just floating. :)

  2. Very nice! You do such beautiful work.

  3. Duh, it would have been easier to have just appliqued a compass if you were going to cut the background away!

    I do like it but I also think the background would have blended once you quilted it.

    Are you going to do the sailing ship??

  4. This is going to be stunning! I can't wait to see how you finish it.

  5. Oh yea, that's the right answer! It will look great floating on the background. it's just a "little" applique.

  6. I like the way you think. It is how I think too.

    Now, about that lighter aqua fabric with the nautical theme a map? I looked for that and it was all sold out at every online store. I ended up settling for something else. Now that I see yours, I guess you bought it all! lol

    Can hardly wait to see this project all done. Will be a beauty.


  7. That looks fantastic. Much better than the aqua background - and, how brave you were to cut into that pieced compass block!

  8. it's going to be stunning!


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