Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Enough photos for 2 posts...wow! #1 my postcards

OK, this post is all about my postcards for the latest MQR swap. If you are participating and want to be surprised..you'd better leave now.

The theme this time was your birthstone. Well I am an August girl, and my sign is Leo( read into that what you must..LOL). So here are my cards. i was in 2 groups, but all my cards are the same essentially, but individually have small differences, so that they are all 1 of a kind in execution.

Mary has been giving me grief about all the embellishments I buy...and haven't yet used....well; I used lots of peridot colored beads for this!!! So many, I almost depleted my supply and I need to go buy some more!!!

Without any more yakking...here they are.

Do you find it the least bit interesting that my sign is a cat???? Who says there is no master plan!


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