Friday, March 21, 2008

A good mail day

Amazing mail day actually! I just love these postcard swaps! I got 2 in today's mail...what a bonus! These are, as are the past few I shared with you from our latest MQR swap. The theme this time is "birthstone"
It is so much fun to see what each person comes up with.

This first one is from Gretchen and her birthstone is Diamond. She made this grid with ribbon and embellished it with "diamond" crystals. How elegant! Thank you so much Gretchen.
And the second one is from Becca. Becca's birthstone is peridot, same as mine. But she had a very different vision. She took her inspiration from the stones color....not the stone itself. She then translated that color to something she dearly loves...sea turtles. Amazing, Becca I love it! Thank you.

These 2 cards are a perfect example of the definition of truly is an individual interpretation. Each vision is unique and beautiful. Thank you ladies, and to all of you who make art in your own way whatever that may be, and then share it with the rest of us to appreciate and enjoy.


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  2. Deb, very nice your quilts! I like so much! but poor my english...sorry...kisses from Argentina!!!!


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