Sunday, March 9, 2008

A busy week

It has been a busy week for me. I taught a machine applique class at the LQS. Always fun, and productive. I even got a little work done on my "cut up " mariners compass. Still allot more to do on that one though.

I also bought new storage drawers for my fabrics and other assorted supplies. Mainly because I keep buying stuff! I had previously used shelves, but it just was not working well. These drawers are clear fronts so I can see what resides inside, and it keeps the dust off the stuff. So now it will only collect on top of the drawers...or not, as I have piled stuff on top too! LOL....the bane of working in a small space! How I long for my walk out basement in Virginia!!! Though, I should be very careful what I wish for....the weather everywhere in the country but here and California has been total crap this winter. So maybe I'll be thankful for what I've got! I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow before it's all a mess again...LOL.

The mail yesterday brought me a new postcard from Shirley! This is the first for our new MQR swap. The theme is birthstone. Hers, obviously is a ruby. I love it! Thanks Shirley!

I worked on mine this week too, and am nearly done. So I'll post 'em when I get finished. See Shirley's below.

And the photo above is of my little boy Harry. He is always with me, no matter what I'm doing. In this photo he is sunning himself. We joke that the cats are "solar powered" cause they'll always find a spot in the sun to nap in . Such a sweet little angel! Say Happy Birthday to him...he was 1 year old on Thursday.


  1. Harry is so cute! I see why you love these fancy cats. I've got to get working on my postcards for the swap.

  2. Chesty must think he's a cat then because he seeks out a patch of sun to sit in too! It's so funny that your cats are as big or bigger than my dog!

    Did I tell you I have to disassemble my fabric shelves for the move - what do you want to bet they DON'T go back together all that well?

  3. Oh, Happy Birthday Harry - hope Mummy gave you some extra cuddles and something yummy to eat - besides another lizard!

    I know exactly what you mean about a small sewing space - especially when we have way too much stuff.

  4. Harry must be taking a break from his day job as a fabric paperweight. At least, my cat thinks that's her primary job, to hold down any stray bit of fabric she can find. When it's a project I'm trying to machine quilt, we have issues....

    Happy birthday, Harry!


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