Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Samantha!

Sam is our 'middle' granddaughter, and she is 6 today! Happy birthday sweetie! Hope it was a wonderful day! We love you and miss you!

And my DIL sent this tonight, of Fiona. Fiona is our youngest granddaughter...she'll be 2 next month. Obviously enjoying her Halloween bounty!

Have a "booful" night!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fireside Cats

We had another cold night last night, and therefore a chilly morning. So we had a rare fire in the fireplace. Thank goodness we have it for these few cold days we have. Chloe sat on the arm of this chair in front of the fire for 2 hours. Harry came and went...always into something, that boy!
First, he dumps all the toys out of the basket and scatters them all over
Chloe just watches from the comfort of her chair

Off to play of the cat tree...Harry is only still when he's asleep

Why are you still following me with that camera?

Out of here..again

Back to the toy basket for a second...Chloe is still on her chair

Fortunately it warmed up nicely this afternoon...up to 85! Yeah, the cold snap is over!

Have a great night.

A ton of red lint

You would think I'm using cotton thread. Nope, it's So Fine. I'm working on the last of the background fill and I tell ya, I have never seen so much lint! This is nice fabric, but boy does it throw out the lint.

I'm having to clean out the bobbin area halfway thru each row! I should have taken a picture of what that looks like...Yikes! If you click on the picture you can see what I'm talking about.

And, we won't even talk about what the studio floor looks like from blowing out the bobbin area!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bags and Buttons

OK, I painted my sample buttons. So which do you like better on the yoyo's...the scallop or the swirl?? I think I did a good job of matching the red color though.

And for those of you who asked the bag supplier can be found here.

And here is one of the bags 19"x6"x15" with a quilt in it that is 95"x107"

Have a great night!

Holy Crap!!

Where am I??? I woke up freezing this morning...looked at the outside thermometer and it's 42 degrees!!!! Hello....this is south Florida...not supposed to be cold here.
Oh well, the sun is shining and by tomorrow we'll be back to the low 80's...Thank goodness!
Now, if I can just stay warm today.... maybe lounge around on the couch with a couple of heater cats???

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And now the quilt related stuff

My online class at MQR is winding down this week. We are finishing our quilt. Here are a few photos of mine . It is a little different than the last one I made. I'll probably donate one of them to the MQS education auction. Here is some painted cheesecloth. The background water and sand fabrics are printed using watercolors. The jellyfish is Angelina fibers, Angelina film and wool felt
the rocks and grasses are painted batting

The turtle is painted batting, and two types of tyvek

the sea fan is painted cheesecloth and painted craft foam.

Now, I have all the beading and other embellished to do by hand. Then I'll face it.

And this is a peek of what's on the frame now.

And I save the best for last! I have been using a portable design wall thingy. It works
ok, but is not ideal. I've been after Don for 4 years to make me a permanent design wall.

Well, today it was finished and attached to the wall! It is two 4'x8' pieces of foam
insulation board. I covered them in gray felt. It is wonderful!!!

And Mary, I took this picture sitting on 'your' bed!

Now, maybe I'll get some of those pieces!

Have a great night!

A lot to show you today

So much, that I'll do it in 2 posts. First, I showed you this postcard last week in progress. I finally got the beading done and it went off in the mail on Saturday. I really like the beaded edge, but it is very time consuming. The maple leaves are some cool brads I found. Then, I found a new supplier for bags to put finished customer quilts in. These are the same fabric as the ones I had before, but no zipper. They are also less expensive and the shipping is MUCH more reasonable. They come in loads of colors too. I think I'm also going to order them in orange,yellow,turquoise, and purple...that'll give me all the tropical colors to choose from. They are non woven cloth and are reusable AND biodegradable! Pretty AND environmentally responsible. How cool is that!
And you may remember a post a few weeks ago...the black and white yoyos? Well, I need large red buttons for those. I've looked town and on the net. Couldn't find what I wanted in the size and color I wanted. So guess what? I'm gonna make my own! Yep, you heard me. I got this cool stuff here from Joggles. It makes a flexible mold. You just knead equal parts of the 2 putty's together till they're all one color ~ 30 seconds. Then you just push in the item you want a mold of. 10 minutes later presto, bingo peel the mold off your object and you've got a flexible, reusable mold!

Then you can use all manner of mediums to make your button. I'm using air dry clay. very easy to work with, and I get great results for not a lot of effort. And since I need to make 168 of these 'buttons' easy is good!

So, my mold is made. now I take the item I want to use to make my button and I push it into the mold. I'm using a small scallop shell I picked up off the beach last week.

10 minutes later, I peel the mold off of my shell and wow----now I've got a mold for a scallop button!

Next, I push the clay down in the mold and then peel it right off. Use a toothpick to make the 'sewing' holes, trim the edges and set it aside to dry. After 24 hours, I can paint them.

That was so easy, I decided to make a couple other molds too.

Now, just 166 more scallop buttons to make!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A special day

I was so lost after Sid and Ira died. I was not going to get another kitty for a long, long time.  I lasted 3 days before I knew I had to get another.  I started researching breeds.  Up to this point I had always had "rescue kitties".  But I found some information on this breed called 'Ragdolls'  I was hooked.  They are bred for size, beauty and temperament.  They are a 'needy' breed...they crave human interaction.  At that point in my life, it seemed like a perfect match... I found a breeder in the Tampa area, and within a couple weeks, Chloe came to live with us.  Our lives were transformed.  While our grief was still fresh, this new little one demanded our attention and love.  It was the best thing we could have done.  To this day, she (and Harry) are a constant source of joy.  Today our Chloe is 2 years old.  Happy birthday dear Chloe.And thank you for the unconditional love and pure joy you have returned to our lives.

And on a quilty note, yesterday, I received this beautiful quilted postcard from Mary.  It is for our October family exchange.  Beautiful silk ribbon embroidery with beaded accents.  Thank you Mary, I love it.

I, on the other hand am still working on my October card...almost done, just have to finish the beaded edge.  But that's'll be finished tonight and in tomorrow's mail....2 days before the due date!

Have a great night!

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Friday, October 17, 2008

An Award...I think

Grace was very kind and gave me this award...Thank you Grace....LOL.

Today I didn't get nearly half of my list accomplished, some days just don't go the way you had planned. A dear friend lost her husband to cancer heart is breaking for her. I can't even imagine the heartache she must be enduring right now. All I know, is that I am very thankful that my husband is here with me.

And to end on a positive do you like my Halloween blog decorations? What out! The goblins are coming soon!

Have a great night!

Still frogging, but another finish

I'm still frogging the borders on Mary's done, one to go. I'm sooo glad I noticed the gold thread was too bold before I had done all 4 borders!!

In the meantime, I loaded this HUGE quilt. Feather meander ala Suzanne in the body of the quilt. And recently, a thread on MQR had lots of members sharing their freehand flowers. This one in the pink border is my variation of one of those that were shared. I just measured the border and marked out triangles. I started stitching the 'flowers' travelling from one to the next down the marked 'triangle' lines and in the it flowed nicely and was continuous the length of the border. Cute, quick, and easy,peasy....just how I like it! Then I finished up the outer border with bead board. This client wanted custom, but also wanted to keep the cost down some, seeing this quilt is HUGE. Did I tell you it's HUGE!!! Anyway, I think she'll be pleased.

Off to Guild! Later gators!