Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A lot to show you today

So much, that I'll do it in 2 posts. First, I showed you this postcard last week in progress. I finally got the beading done and it went off in the mail on Saturday. I really like the beaded edge, but it is very time consuming. The maple leaves are some cool brads I found. Then, I found a new supplier for bags to put finished customer quilts in. These are the same fabric as the ones I had before, but no zipper. They are also less expensive and the shipping is MUCH more reasonable. They come in loads of colors too. I think I'm also going to order them in orange,yellow,turquoise, and purple...that'll give me all the tropical colors to choose from. They are non woven cloth and are reusable AND biodegradable! Pretty AND environmentally responsible. How cool is that!
And you may remember a post a few weeks ago...the black and white yoyos? Well, I need large red buttons for those. I've looked everywhere...in town and on the net. Couldn't find what I wanted in the size and color I wanted. So guess what? I'm gonna make my own! Yep, you heard me. I got this cool stuff here from Joggles. It makes a flexible mold. You just knead equal parts of the 2 putty's together till they're all one color ~ 30 seconds. Then you just push in the item you want a mold of. 10 minutes later presto, bingo peel the mold off your object and you've got a flexible, reusable mold!

Then you can use all manner of mediums to make your button. I'm using air dry clay. very easy to work with, and I get great results for not a lot of effort. And since I need to make 168 of these 'buttons' easy is good!

So, my mold is made. now I take the item I want to use to make my button and I push it into the mold. I'm using a small scallop shell I picked up off the beach last week.

10 minutes later, I peel the mold off of my shell and wow----now I've got a mold for a scallop button!

Next, I push the clay down in the mold and then peel it right off. Use a toothpick to make the 'sewing' holes, trim the edges and set it aside to dry. After 24 hours, I can paint them.

That was so easy, I decided to make a couple other molds too.

Now, just 166 more scallop buttons to make!


  1. No wonder my quilt isn't done yet...you've been busy learning to make buttons.

    I haven't ordered the bags yet, are you happy with them? Are they the right size? I think I'll like them without zippers even better.

  2. making your own buttons .. how cool is THAT!!

    neat toys!!


  3. You know, I've been grumbling and groaning a lot lately to myself about not being able to find the buttons that I want to complete some projects. Now look at that! I'll make my own! Thanks so much, Deb, you inspire me with your work and your ideas.

  4. WOW! The button thing is so cool, but to make 168!! Now that's CRAZY! LOL. Thanks for sharing such inovations. It looked like the bags were still in the package? Can you show one with the quilt inside. I just use clear kitchen garbage bags and it would be cool to return them in such cute bags. Also, where did you get them? Thanks!

  5. I'd like to know about your bag supplier, too, please. Love the buttons!

  6. I love the buttons, clever and unique. The bags are a nice touch considering our need to be green.

  7. Will you please share your bag supplier? I am almost out of bags and would like to look at alternatives.


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