Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Birthdays Galore!

First, Today is my oldest granddaughter Kara's birthday. She is 13...WOW! Seems like just yesterday she was this tiny little bundle. Have a wonderful birthday sweetheart!

Today also marks the 25th birthday of my nephew Chris, Mary's oldest son. Hope you have a great day Chris!

And Saturday was my nephew Brian's 25th birthday also. Brian is my brother Kevin's oldest. Hope your day was fantastic too Brian!

Boy, my siblings sure are getting old! Glad I'm not ;-)


  1. My oldest grand-daughter turned 13 this month as well. The next one turns 10 in Nov. & my little grandson is 5 & in kindergarten this year. They certainly do grow up fast. Some days when the old body aches I feel much more like a GRANDMA than on other days. LOL

  2. Ugh...I'd just like to mention that while Kevin and my oldest sons are turning 25....your granddaughter is 13....we don't even have grandchildren yet so don't be calling us old!

  3. congrats gma!!! She's a beauty!

    wow you guys have a lot bdays on the same day ..

    LOL @ mary's comment




  4. Kara said thank you for the phone call and the birthday wishes! And a big Happy Birthday to Chris and Brian also! I can't believe they are 25 this year (makes me feel older than I already do with my big girl turning 13) And Mom, lots of love and btw the older they get.....:) Love ya!

  5. Deb, you have got some bee-you-ti-ful grandchildren!! You'll have to beat the boys off in a few years.



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