Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Red fabric

First, to today's mail. Many of you know we have a little postcard exchange going in my family. Well, one of my cousins (Mary Ann) has 2 young girls, who decided they wanted to be a part of this exchange too. So we added them to our exchange list. Well, I received this today. The theme for September was work. This is Ashley's card depicting her 'work' which is going to school. Now isn't that just too cool! Thank you Ashley, I love your card, but mostly I love that it is from you.
Then to the fabric I mentioned last night. This is the most gorgeous red I have seen in years, The photo does not begin to do it justice...in fact, the color in the back beside the bin is closer, but still not right. But as soon as I saw this fabric, I had an idea. You can see part of this idea in the photo.
This is going to be one dramatic quilt, in color at least! Have a great night!

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  1. I saw that fabric online somewhere and wanted to get it but I forgot where I saw it! It was available in other colors too wasn't it?


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