Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And now the quilt related stuff

My online class at MQR is winding down this week. We are finishing our quilt. Here are a few photos of mine . It is a little different than the last one I made. I'll probably donate one of them to the MQS education auction. Here is some painted cheesecloth. The background water and sand fabrics are printed using watercolors. The jellyfish is Angelina fibers, Angelina film and wool felt
the rocks and grasses are painted batting

The turtle is painted batting, and two types of tyvek

the sea fan is painted cheesecloth and painted craft foam.

Now, I have all the beading and other embellished to do by hand. Then I'll face it.

And this is a peek of what's on the frame now.

And I save the best for last! I have been using a portable design wall thingy. It works
ok, but is not ideal. I've been after Don for 4 years to make me a permanent design wall.

Well, today it was finished and attached to the wall! It is two 4'x8' pieces of foam
insulation board. I covered them in gray felt. It is wonderful!!!

And Mary, I took this picture sitting on 'your' bed!

Now, maybe I'll get some of those pieces finished...lol!

Have a great night!


  1. LOTS of pretty things going on in your studio these days! Did you promise a tie dyed shirt to get that design wall?

  2. beautiful!!! You are an inspiration:)

  3. I'm jealous - I don't even have space for my design wall now...well there's space downstairs in the longarm room but I'm too lazy to run up and down 4 flights of stairs every time I need to sew something.

  4. BTW, I jealous of the quilting too!

  5. oh wow deb . I just love how your quilt is looking .. that is absolutely gorgeous!!

    your wall is MUCH better than mine .. I just tacked flannel to my wall ..



  6. Awesome design wall....gorgeous quilting! :)

  7. I love the Ocean quilt .... nice design wall.

  8. I can't wait to see that finished quilting!


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