Thursday, September 25, 2008

I really have been working/quilting!

Really, I have! And here is the proof, in reverse order. This one I finished today. I quilted this one for my Mother. She made it for my sister Ann. Mary quilts most of Mother's quilts. She must be busy right now, so that's why I got this one to do. I used Fairfield machine blend batting ( they sent me a sample of this last year. It really is a nice cotton/poly blend) and Superior "so fine" thread.
In this photo, it looks like the 2 inner side borders aren't quilted...they's just the light.
And this is a customer quilt...beautiful, bright batiks. Quilters Dream "Puff" batting and Superior" so fine" threads.

And closer...

And the back.

And this is another local guilds' raffle quilt. I used my circle lord to make the circles, and then embellished them.

Again, Quilters Dream "Puff" batting and superior "bottom Line" and bottom.
They wanted no background quilting, and those of you who know me, know that was a hard thing for me. But, I muddled through.

Word is that they were pleased. Lets hope it make them a lot of money.

My choice of course, would have been to do a tiny background fill to really bring those circles and butterflies forward. But, that as they say, was not in the cards. Oh well.

Still effective, I think.

They like it and that's all that matters.

So, you see I have been busy....not just loafing about!

Have a great night!

Monday, September 22, 2008

New postcards, inchies and a fun surprise!

I've not posted much lately, been busy with customer quilts and getting the finishing touches done to my class that began today at MQR. So, now I think I have a tiny breather so I thought I'd try to catch up the blog. First of all I need to show the great postcards I received today and yesterday. These are all from the MQR exchange..."Gone with the Wind" it always thrills me to see all the different interpretations of a theme.

This one is from Yvonne...So cool , and perfect fit for the theme. Thanks Yvonne!
This is from Helen-Mary..her interpretation is of time flying...specifically the millennium 8 years ago. Thanks Helen-Mary!
And this from AnnMarie...a quote referencing how a walk in nature "blows" away worries and cares for a short time. Wonderful AnnMarie, thanks!

And this is from Kay...the wind blowing spent petals...a metaphor for life? Kay used old pop cans for her petals..recycling at it's best! Thanks Kay!

And Gretchen's imagery of time blowing away....who ever has enough time? I know I don't. Thanks Gretchen!

And this is Janet's..a more literal approach to the literary "Gone with the wind" Scarlet's dress made from Tara's green parlor drapes. Just terrific..thanks, Janet!

And then you may remember a while back I told you of an inchie swap I was a part of. Well here are the results. I got them today.

And included was a special 'holder' made by Carla, who organised the swap. All those incredible inchies and a piece of Carla art too! How grand!! I just love my Carla Birdie! Who else but Carla would have a bird laying 'inchie' eggs!

And a special note to my friend Suzanne.....

Look! it's a chicken taco!!!!! ROFLOL!

And with that, I'll say ...Have a great night!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The latest postcards

The latest MQR postcard swap theme is "Gone with the Wind"  I posted my card a while back.  These are the ones I have received so far.   This one is from Lily.

And this one from Becca

And this is from Shirley.
Thank you all, they are all just wonderful!

Email me!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Great Mail day and IKE

First, I had a great mail day! A couple weeks ago Barbara posted these cute quilted baskets she had made and was thinking of selling. I just loved them, and knowing I would never make them, I asked her if she'd be willing to make some for me to purchase. She agreed, and they arrived today. I had ordered 4 in a kitty theme. They are so cute, and the yo yo detail adds even more charm. Purple

and blue.

Thanks Barbara! I love them, and their final recipients will too!

And on to IKE. All day long we've had rain and wind from the outer bands of IKE. Mind you though, I am not complaining! We dodged the bullet again....looks like IKE is headed to Texas...sorry for those of you in the path. I know only too well how awful these beasts are.
The map below is for you,!

Have a great night!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm still here...... and so are the kitties!

It's been a few days, but I've been busy. I finished a raffle quilt for another local guild. No pictures of the front until they have the unveiling for their members; but here is a peek of the back.

And, in the evenings I'm making yoyo's. I'm using the clover jumbo yoyo maker. Yes, I know I could make them the old fashioned way just as quick; but these are all EXACTLY the same size....I like that. I'm doing some for a specific project, but I'm also using scraps to make some...just to have, when I need them. I love adding texture to quilts...well these will do that!

So I am getting a few things done in between shutters going up and down for all these hurricanes. Hopefully, Ike will do as they are saying tonight and just brush us with fringe effects.

And I leave you with pictures of my sweet kitty babies. Here is Harry in his kitty bed. Just for is a large dog bed....Harry is a very big boy! And you might notice his quilt....he loves feathers...just like his!

Now Chloe, on the other hand is a show cat....we don't show her, but that is her pedigree. Only the humans bed will do for her!

But Harry is very happy on his feathered quilt....especially since it is right beside Mom's computer desk. Did I tell you, Harry is a Mama's boy?

But what a sweet boy! Who could not fall in love with this face!

And here is my beautiful girl....lounging on our bed.

Later of course, Harry will join her. And Don and I will be saying yet again..."we need a bigger bed"

And fortunately, at this time Ike looks like he will pass us at a safe distance offshore. We hope this track holds. That way we would get only fringe effects. Time will tell.