Monday, September 22, 2008

New postcards, inchies and a fun surprise!

I've not posted much lately, been busy with customer quilts and getting the finishing touches done to my class that began today at MQR. So, now I think I have a tiny breather so I thought I'd try to catch up the blog. First of all I need to show the great postcards I received today and yesterday. These are all from the MQR exchange..."Gone with the Wind" it always thrills me to see all the different interpretations of a theme.

This one is from Yvonne...So cool , and perfect fit for the theme. Thanks Yvonne!
This is from Helen-Mary..her interpretation is of time flying...specifically the millennium 8 years ago. Thanks Helen-Mary!
And this from AnnMarie...a quote referencing how a walk in nature "blows" away worries and cares for a short time. Wonderful AnnMarie, thanks!

And this is from Kay...the wind blowing spent petals...a metaphor for life? Kay used old pop cans for her petals..recycling at it's best! Thanks Kay!

And Gretchen's imagery of time blowing away....who ever has enough time? I know I don't. Thanks Gretchen!

And this is Janet's..a more literal approach to the literary "Gone with the wind" Scarlet's dress made from Tara's green parlor drapes. Just terrific..thanks, Janet!

And then you may remember a while back I told you of an inchie swap I was a part of. Well here are the results. I got them today.

And included was a special 'holder' made by Carla, who organised the swap. All those incredible inchies and a piece of Carla art too! How grand!! I just love my Carla Birdie! Who else but Carla would have a bird laying 'inchie' eggs!

And a special note to my friend Suzanne.....

Look! it's a chicken taco!!!!! ROFLOL!

And with that, I'll say ...Have a great night!


  1. waaaaaahhh....i wanted a chicken taco, too.

    you guys are so lucky with your postcards and your inchies.

    maybe next time...

  2. LOL!! Its a taco alright! That's why you have to stuff it! hahaha!


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