Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another year almost gone...

And my sewing vacation is almost over...just one more day. But that's OK, because things are changing around here with the new year.   I did work on my January postcard today, that photo is at the end of this post.   But first, a progress report on the new boat lift.  The concrete pilings are in, the beams, and cradle are in place, and the electrician just finished all the wiring.  The final few details will be finished on Monday.
The yacht builder has finished the new boat and it has been painted.  It'll be delivered to the marina on Wednesday for rigging the mast and sails, and We'll bring it home Thursday of next week.  The builder sent us a few pictures to tide us over the weekend.   Those of you who knew "OUI OUI" will notice the huge size difference....this boat is tiny compared to her, but we don't need that big boat anymore now that we aren't doing the long term cruising.  This is going to be perfect for fun days sails..plenty of room for the kids and grand kids; and ideal for Don to race in the club.  

Isn't that blue hull beautiful?  And a perfect mirror-like finish!
Also, those of you who know us, and know what the granddaughters call DH will get a chuckle out of her name!
Can't wait to get her home!
And as promised, here is the postcard for our January family exchange.  Mary gets mine this time.  I'm trying to get an irregular edge, but my beading is not all that precise, so it's a little more irregular than I had planned, but it'll do.  I did use some of my hand dyed black and red dupioni silk...Mary likes my hand dyed silks!
And with that I'll say goodnight. Enjoy your celebrations this evening and be safe. See ya next year!

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

And number two!

I am really on a roll!  I had forgotten how much I could get done, and how much fun it is when I'm working on my own projects.  I have had a very productive week and TONS of fun doing it. Guess you want to see too, huh?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          For this piece, I hand painted the fabric for the background.  This piece here is my clean up cool is that!  I get a lot of great pieces from clean up rags; a good reason to clean up with cloth rather than paper towels when painting and dyeing.  

This is a small section of my background. I painted starting with damp fabric and used Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow paints.  I also mix a small amount of Versatex fixer into all my liquid textile paints....that way I don't have the tedious chore of heat setting.  After curing, which takes about 4-5 days I machine wash and dry the pieces...then they're ready to use.   I also spread some silk salt into the wet paint...that's the dotted, star burst effect you see.

And here is the quilt top.  It is intentionally sparse, as the quilting will play a huge role in this quilt. It is a very simple top, just a Palm tree and the 3 flamingos but it'll be anything but plain when it's done.

The Palm tree trunk and leaves are painted batting.

I used 4 different colors of green for the leaves.  Also painted with Dye-Na-Flow, and the batting used for painting is Warm and White by the Warm Co.
I just love all the variegation I got in those leaves.

And then there are the flamingos.  The bird bodies are regular commercial quilting cottons.  I painted the whites of the eyes....the rest of the eye details will be added later.

The beaks are soft structure tyvek, painted with Jacquard Lumiere paints with some Pearl Ex pigments added to the silver paint to darken it on the bottom section.  Then I heated the tyvek to shrink it.

The feathers are wool that I felted a few weeks ago specifically for this project...3 colors, and I free cut the pieces.

It still needs to be quilted and other details added, but at least the top is done!  Now I have 2 quilt tops ready before the registration deadline....yippee!

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Friday, December 26, 2008

One down, two to go

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday celebrations!  Being down here far away from family makes for quiet holidays.  But I surely can't complain about the has been PERFECT!                                                                                                                                                                          I have been working hard this past week trying to get my quilt tops done before resuming customer work after the 1st of the year.  It is paying off now...  The yo yo's are just pinned on, as I haven't quilted it yet, but I am soooo glad to have this much done.  After it's quilted I'll attach the yo yo's around the edge with those shell buttons I made a while back from clay.

I changed this design a couple times, but overall I'm pleased with the final product.  It's pretty well balanced, and has lots of space for quilting.   It ended up being 66" square.  
Of course, all my buttons will go on with beads later.

And, it seems I made a few too many yo yo's  AND
a few too many prairie points!   There's plenty of both for another quilt!  LOL....well, better too many than not enough!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lots of progress!

I was up before dawn this morning.  With only 9 days left to the registration deadline, and 3 quilts to get far enough along to register there is no time to lose!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     But first a couple construction photos.  The crew arrived and started working on the lift for the new boat.  First they pulled out the pilings that are in the way. 

Then they started putting in the new concrete pilings that will support the lift (and boat).  Took all day and they only got 2 started....they are drilling into bedrock under the water, so it is slow going.

The parts of the boat lift are laying in pieces all over our back yard.

OOH...looks like I need to pick some lemons!

And onto the work I accomplished today.  Got some of the applique stitched down on the red/white/black quilt.  I'm using metallic the shiny look!

And another...excuse the kitty fur; I'll get that off later. Harry was laying on it/helping me (;>0

I also made all of these prairie points for this quilt.

Then I worked on my painted wholecloth for a couple pictures of that today.   And I also worked on the Flamingo quilt....dyed this batting for the palm tree.  It is a really nice brown...the color is off in the photo;  painted tyvek for the bird beaks too. And painted the background fabric.

Then I cut out my flamingo bodies from these fabrics.

and their feathers from this wool I felted a couple weeks ago specifically for this project.
Don't they look great together?

And that was my day. I got a lot accomplished.  If I can keep up this pace, I just might make the deadline!

So, what did you do today?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Home Alone again!

Well, except for Don and the kitties that is!  Kids left this evening.  It was great having them this past week.  I can't believe I didn't get any pictures this time!  Well we had'll just have to take my word for it!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Today's mail brought this cute quilted postcard from my sister Ann.  All felted wool, and very cute!  Thanks Ann, I love it!
And while on the family exchange, these are the ones I made and sent...all pretty much the same except for the background fabrics.

Now, comes the big rush to the finish to get my entries done for our quilt show in February....I don't mean completely done....just enough to take the pictures for the registration that is due by Dec 31st...yikes!

Then 2 more customer show quilt to complete before I quilt mine.  Guess I need to get on the stick!                                                                                                                                                                                                      
But before I leave you, Chloe and Harry are exhausted too from all the company this month!

Have a great night!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm getting like Mary...changing my photo.

I got my hair cut had gotten way too long, but she might have gotten it a little too short!  New color too....this time a slightly darker shade of blonde.  Only caveat is it doesn't cover the gray as well as the lighter blonde did. Oh well!

Looks better than yesterday's photo!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back home; some progress, and fun mail!

I'm all warmed up from the trip up to Maryland...actually had the AC on this afternoon!  Had a great time and it was wonderful to see everyone even for a short visit.  The party for Mother and Pat was fun too. The photo below is a great one of Mother and all my siblings. It is so hard to get all of us together, that we really enjoy it when we do.
And here is son Stephen, DIL Janet, and of course Fiona!  She has grown so much since I saw her the end of July!

And here's another of Fiona with a bearded dragon named Skeletor on her.

and of course, we have to get our workouts done each day!

In between unpacking, laundry and cleaning up from my absence....  I was able to make a little progress on the black/white&red quilt.  Still a long way to go though.

And today's mail brought a few beautiful things.  This Christmas postcard from Vicki. The photo doesn't do it's beautiful.  Thanks, Vicki!

And this one from Mother....lots of pretty beading...gorgeous! Thanks Mother.

And then this from Barbara....not a postcard, but a beautiful handmade card.  Thank you Barbara, it's just beautiful!

Oh, and I also had a trip to the eye doctor for a new pair of specs!  Just ignore the wrinkles and the extra chins...I do!

So, now to get ready for another kiddo to visit...Travis is arriving Thursday! We're looking forward to that!

Have a great night!

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