Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another year almost gone...

And my sewing vacation is almost over...just one more day. But that's OK, because things are changing around here with the new year.   I did work on my January postcard today, that photo is at the end of this post.   But first, a progress report on the new boat lift.  The concrete pilings are in, the beams, and cradle are in place, and the electrician just finished all the wiring.  The final few details will be finished on Monday.
The yacht builder has finished the new boat and it has been painted.  It'll be delivered to the marina on Wednesday for rigging the mast and sails, and We'll bring it home Thursday of next week.  The builder sent us a few pictures to tide us over the weekend.   Those of you who knew "OUI OUI" will notice the huge size difference....this boat is tiny compared to her, but we don't need that big boat anymore now that we aren't doing the long term cruising.  This is going to be perfect for fun days sails..plenty of room for the kids and grand kids; and ideal for Don to race in the club.  

Isn't that blue hull beautiful?  And a perfect mirror-like finish!
Also, those of you who know us, and know what the granddaughters call DH will get a chuckle out of her name!
Can't wait to get her home!
And as promised, here is the postcard for our January family exchange.  Mary gets mine this time.  I'm trying to get an irregular edge, but my beading is not all that precise, so it's a little more irregular than I had planned, but it'll do.  I did use some of my hand dyed black and red dupioni silk...Mary likes my hand dyed silks!
And with that I'll say goodnight. Enjoy your celebrations this evening and be safe. See ya next year!

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  1. Love that postcard and your new boat is beautiful! Happy New Year!

  2. Yep it does look a bit smaller!

    I love the postcard but am surprised you're doing a beaded edge again so soon - I haven't done one since last year in February...they take a lot of time and beads! I finished my card for Ann too but am working on a few variations just for fun. I'm looking forward to another year of exchanging postcards with the family.

  3. What a great postcard!
    The boat is Beautiful.


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