Saturday, December 27, 2008

And number two!

I am really on a roll!  I had forgotten how much I could get done, and how much fun it is when I'm working on my own projects.  I have had a very productive week and TONS of fun doing it. Guess you want to see too, huh?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          For this piece, I hand painted the fabric for the background.  This piece here is my clean up cool is that!  I get a lot of great pieces from clean up rags; a good reason to clean up with cloth rather than paper towels when painting and dyeing.  

This is a small section of my background. I painted starting with damp fabric and used Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow paints.  I also mix a small amount of Versatex fixer into all my liquid textile paints....that way I don't have the tedious chore of heat setting.  After curing, which takes about 4-5 days I machine wash and dry the pieces...then they're ready to use.   I also spread some silk salt into the wet paint...that's the dotted, star burst effect you see.

And here is the quilt top.  It is intentionally sparse, as the quilting will play a huge role in this quilt. It is a very simple top, just a Palm tree and the 3 flamingos but it'll be anything but plain when it's done.

The Palm tree trunk and leaves are painted batting.

I used 4 different colors of green for the leaves.  Also painted with Dye-Na-Flow, and the batting used for painting is Warm and White by the Warm Co.
I just love all the variegation I got in those leaves.

And then there are the flamingos.  The bird bodies are regular commercial quilting cottons.  I painted the whites of the eyes....the rest of the eye details will be added later.

The beaks are soft structure tyvek, painted with Jacquard Lumiere paints with some Pearl Ex pigments added to the silver paint to darken it on the bottom section.  Then I heated the tyvek to shrink it.

The feathers are wool that I felted a few weeks ago specifically for this project...3 colors, and I free cut the pieces.

It still needs to be quilted and other details added, but at least the top is done!  Now I have 2 quilt tops ready before the registration deadline....yippee!

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  1. Well those are way cool!!!!! You are so talented Deb. I love the colors and can't wait to see them finished. :)

  2. Love all the colors & textures. Can't wait to see it quilted.

  3. I love the way this is turning out Mom;) The more things you do the more I am amazed. I love the yo yo's to!

  4. That is amazing! The texture makes it sound so exciting but by the time you add the quilting . . I can't wait to see it. Sure hope it's coming to MQS so I can see it in real life.

  5. GORGEOUS!! I love this, I can not wait to see it finished, thanks for sharing.

  6. That is sooooo cute and pretty and awesome!! (sparkly, too)


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