Sunday, December 7, 2008

Black,white and red progress

Between working on client quilts, teaching classes, having company  and all that fun stuff called laundry and house cleaning; I have stolen a few moments to work on the black,white and red quilt.  As I posted before, all the black and white yo yo's are made; the shell buttons are all made and about half of them painted so far.  The lone red yo yo is made.                                                        
So now I'm working on the applique.  I have now finished the major applique elements of the center medallion, though there are still a  few elements left to do on this medallion.  But the biggest part of it is done. To give you an idea of scale...the center medallion size is 42 inches square...finished size.  Feels good to have gotten this much done!   
Tons more to do on this quilt top though; this is only the center medallion....Will I be able to get the top completed  by Dec 31st??  It's gonna be really close!

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