Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back home; some progress, and fun mail!

I'm all warmed up from the trip up to Maryland...actually had the AC on this afternoon!  Had a great time and it was wonderful to see everyone even for a short visit.  The party for Mother and Pat was fun too. The photo below is a great one of Mother and all my siblings. It is so hard to get all of us together, that we really enjoy it when we do.
And here is son Stephen, DIL Janet, and of course Fiona!  She has grown so much since I saw her the end of July!

And here's another of Fiona with a bearded dragon named Skeletor on her.

and of course, we have to get our workouts done each day!

In between unpacking, laundry and cleaning up from my absence....  I was able to make a little progress on the black/white&red quilt.  Still a long way to go though.

And today's mail brought a few beautiful things.  This Christmas postcard from Vicki. The photo doesn't do it justice...it's beautiful.  Thanks, Vicki!

And this one from Mother....lots of pretty beading...gorgeous! Thanks Mother.

And then this from Barbara....not a postcard, but a beautiful handmade card.  Thank you Barbara, it's just beautiful!

Oh, and I also had a trip to the eye doctor for a new pair of specs!  Just ignore the wrinkles and the extra chins...I do!

So, now to get ready for another kiddo to visit...Travis is arriving Thursday! We're looking forward to that!

Have a great night!

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  1. Welcome home! Glad you had a ncie visit! Love the new specs.

  2. I like the glasses and the new profile photo.

  3. Glad you had fun with everyone. Fiona is getting sooooo big. And Stephen and Janet look great to.. I think the cards are beautiful, and the quilt is to .

  4. Missed you, welcome home.. loved the pictures!!

  5. Very cool glasses - nice to see someone break out of the box stylewise with specs. Mine are brown and boring!


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