Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back to almost normal.......

First, the last tiara...mine! Well, not actually the last...I am doing more, but of my own design...
this is the last from the pattern I bought...and only the outer shape is from the pattern. The stars and circles I cut with my "Go" cutter" All the embellishments are mine. I have drawn several patterns of my own now and will be sharing them soon.

Also, I have a new hairdo and color......whatdoyathink?

It's a nice, cool... hot weather cut...Don's not so sure.......

What do you think...should I change my avatar to this?????????
Well, believe it or not; I actually have some quilt content tonight. Today my guild had a sew-in, I went and took a project. I whipped up a pattern in EQ6 that was "GO" friendly. Took it, the fabric, "go" cutter and appropriate dies, and sewing machine and assorted paraphernalia. This is my design...simple but striking...lots of space for quilting later. Only I took dark purple instead of black for the background.( My granddaughter Kara loves purple)

I did all the cutting here with the "GO" And then started piecing. I just LOVE how perfect my piecing is....all thanks to the perfect cutting with the 'GO" New thing for me to have good piecing..LOL

Although, I didn't get the entire quilt pieced...(due to visiting and running my mouth) I did get it over half done. Here are the star points.
the border pieces

the half square triangle blocks for the star block corners

A completed star block (minus the center purple square I forgot to put in for the photo)

And I even did a kaleidoscope trial block while demo-ing the "GO' cutter....I should be getting a commission...many went online and ordered today!

And here are all the blocks I finished....
This weekend I should be able to finish the top. Then, back to work getting those videos made.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fiona is here!

We made it out of the airport just before the afternoon storms. Lots of rain on the way home, but that's least it waited till the plane was on the ground.

Too much visiting to do to spend much time here, but here are a couple pictures of Princess Fiona with her tiara...her Mom too...
Can you believe they match their tops?? Amazing!

And we have to try it on daddy too...oops upside down!

OK, now it's right.

After a late dinner and some chat, all are off to bed after a tiring travel day. Tomorrow Fiona gets to spend the day in the pool...and she is chomping at the bit!

Later gators!

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

two more

I'm slowly getting all the towels and other linens(sheets, placemats,napkins) done from the girls last week. Fiona and her parents arrive Tuesday. So naturally Fiona and her mother will need tiaras know how it goes, what you do for one you have to do for all!

That's what I'm doing today (instead of laundry and cleaning...any excuse will do, you know)making two more tiaras. I'm about half done with beading the edge on both of them.
After that's done, I'll start on the bling for the body of the tiaras. I wonder which one Fiona will choose? Care to venture a guess? I really like how these two are looking...kind of like sunshine and tropical waters...

Chloe and Harry are just about recovered from the girls visit...good thing to, because Fiona will give them a workout!

I'll leave you with photos of what total relaxation looks like!

Guess, I'd better get busy! Have a great weekend.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The girls are gone......

The week went soooooooooo fast! First pool pictures...Kara is the tall one, Samantha the short one. no narration...

Kara discovered she loves beading! This is her tee shirt. We made it into a decorative pillow for her room (she collects elephants) and she beaded it all by herself.

And then...the crowns/tiaras They had a ball making these! First Kara in hers...You can't really tell in the photo, but the edge is beaded and looks like ice crystals.

And Samantha's. Sam was born on Halloween...hence the orange theme.

Kara modeling the one they made for their step-sister Becky

And their Mom, Kelly with hers that I made.

The queen and crown princesses

Of course they immediately thought of others they needed to "crown" is the beginnings of one
And they decided daddy needed one in his words...he is the "King of Nothing".... ROFLMAO. His house full of girls takes everything he has....Mom and the girls will bead his at home.

We had a great time. All at once it is too short a time, yet just the right amount of time ... to be under one roof....for all of us. The ideal? Would be if we all lived closer together so that we could enjoy time together all the time, and still all have our own place to go home to.

Maybe one day...

Now, to do the quick turn around in preparation for Kelly's brother and his family to arrive....exactly one week from today!

Guess I'd better get those sheets and towels done........