Thursday, July 2, 2009

A tiara and an announcment

I have started another crown. But this is the last time I will call them crowns. As I originally purcahsed a kit for the first one, there were many things I didn't like about it. So, I did some research and found TONS of royalty free "tiara" drawings. I have also drawn some of my own. And you can buy foam crown templates at Jo Ann's, and patterns from simplicity and vogue.

As for the original kit, I didn't like any of it other than the shape, which I have found that exact shape in 5 other royalty free places. So I figure I can use that shape. The directions and the foundation I pitched...I didn't like them. So I used my own stuff and developed my own directions. This is the first one. The others will have different own drawn shapes. So, before I show you the steps to make this one.....

I'll make an announcement. I have started a new site where I will post basic instructions to make some of the things I create and some of my quilt designs. Keep in mind, I draft all of my patterns in EQ6 and they are very simple. I like to use basic, simple designs and embellish them with applique, the quilting, and other mixed media type stuff . So if you're looking for complex patterns, this will NOT be the place for you. It will also assume you have basic cutting, piecing and applique skills. So don't be emailing me with questions about basic skills. I will provide more in depth instruction with some of the art techniques. But keep in mind this will all be free...and you get what you pay for (;>)... that means, no hand holding. If you can figure it out from what I's yours to use how you like. If not, it's not my problem.

That said, I'm hoping to have the site up and available by the end of the month. I'll post the opening here.

So, now to my latest tiara. I will have several patterns and instructions for some varieties of these on the new site.

OK, first cut out your shape from peltex (I use the NON-fusible, because it's easier to work with (IMHO)
Then I fuse wonder-under to 2 fat quarters (one for the front and one for the back) and fuse them to each side of the peltex

The leftover fused fabrics and an accent (also with fusible)

Next, you cut the shapes for the front of your tiara. I am using a shape on one of my "GO" cutter dies here. I have also cut some on the Sizzix Big Kick.

fabrics with fusible folded over the shape to be cut.

cutting mat in place

rolling it thru the cutter

Next fabric folded over the shapes I want to cut

cutting mat in place and rolling it thru the "GO" cutter

and here are my circles..2 sizes (and a few bonus shapes from the fold that I'll save for use in another project)

fused to the tiara

next I stitch the edges to secure them
this is opal dust....glitter in an acrylic polymer base. Much better than glue..doesn't attract bugs. Drys clear too. i fix it after it's dry with a textile medium mixed with versatex fixer and let it dry.

nice sparkle! Really spectacular on dark fabrics.

And of course, my helper Harry!

All dry and fixed.

There's also gold dust....I think the girls will use this on their tiara's.

Bias binding for the lower edge.
And, then the fun stuff to be added

All finished the machine work. Now to add the bling!
oops, forgot to show you the velcro on the back...makes it adjustable.

And, I've started adding the bling. I bead the top edge first and then will go back and add crystals and other beads and special sequins to the appliques. I'll post a photo when I'm done.
So, keep watching for the launch of my new site!
Have a great night, be back soon.


  1. I have enjoyed following your blog and look forward to your new site. :)

  2. You go girl .... love YOUR ideas. Looking so looking forward to your new 'basic' site.

  3. Harry doesn't really look very impressed, but I am!

  4. You will model it for us in the final photo....right? 8-)

  5. Deb those are so cute!! Are you sure you really have granddaughters?? LOL

  6. Your crowns are awesome......good luck with your new site. I know it was be filled with lots of good things. Love your little helper. :)

  7. I am SO making some of these for my next quilting retreat! can't wait for your new site!

  8. The crown is fabulous! I love the way you create, Deb! I wish we could get together and play. Nothing like living at the opposite sides of the U.S. to hinder that! We'd have a blast!

  9. I HAVE to make one of these for myself ~ and I might even wear it to our neighborhood Halloween party!

    GREAT tutorial - THANKS!

  10. Oh my gosh, that is amazing! I might even have to try making one of these for my quily vacation that is happening in Sept. Thanks for sharing!


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