Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fiona is here!

We made it out of the airport just before the afternoon storms. Lots of rain on the way home, but that's OK...at least it waited till the plane was on the ground.

Too much visiting to do to spend much time here, but here are a couple pictures of Princess Fiona with her tiara...her Mom too...
Can you believe they match their tops?? Amazing!

And we have to try it on daddy too...oops upside down!

OK, now it's right.

After a late dinner and some chat, all are off to bed after a tiring travel day. Tomorrow Fiona gets to spend the day in the pool...and she is chomping at the bit!

Later gators!

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  1. No surprise that the tiaras were a huge hit!

  2. Enjoy your visit. I can't believe the tiaras matched their outfits!

  3. Looks like your going to be having lots of fun!

  4. That is so funny that they co-ordinated!!


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