Monday, September 24, 2007

Wearing it down

Well, vacation is over! Got back to work since returning from the Jax show. Finished 2 customer quilts and am halfway through the 3rd. No pictures yet, the owners won't see them till Friday. So quilt pictures will come later.

In the meantime this is the latest of my youngest granddaughter, Fiona. She will be a year old in November....isn't she a cutie?

October is a busy month for me...lots of quilts waiting to be done. Hopefully I'll even get in a little of my own work!?? We'll see. Have a great week!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Back home

Boy! I should go away more often! I returned last evening from a couple days at Quilt Fest Jacksonville. And I had received not 1 but 2 presents in the mail while I was gone! This postcard from Michelle....she needle felted it. It is so soft and rich! It is loads of fun getting these tiny pieces of art from all of you talented ladies!
And my other package was from my MQR secret sister! Can you believe all these goodies she sent me?!! There was cat fabric,thread,patterns, notecards, an address book and 14- 1/4yd pieces of beautiful hand dyed fabric!! It is all such a treasure....Harry thinks so too...he's guarding it! lol
Jax Quilt fest was fun. They had lots of quilts. And lots of vendors! These hand dyed fat quarters of dupioni silk just wouldn't let me walk by!

And here is just a small sample of where I spent the most money (:-)
If you like quilt show pictures, click here to see some of the photos I took.

I had a very nice couple days at the show, but I'm glad to be home; and now it's back to work! Thanks to Michelle for my lovely needle felted postcard, and to my MQR secret sister for her wonderful gifts. Life is good!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The proof is in the pudding

If you ever wondered if the quilt you made would be appreciated, look no further. I am the chairperson of my guilds' community quilts program and yesterday we delivered quilts to our local Head Start school. This is an annual event for us and one that never ceases to warm the heart. We put the quilts out on a table in each classroom, and each of the children got to choose their own.

These children were so excited and just cuddled those quilts! We distributed 74 quilts this time, and from the look on these faces, I'd have to say that I believe we ARE making a difference; one quilt at a time.

Tomorrow morning, I'm driving up to Jacksonville for Quilt Fest! Of course they are having terrible wind, rains, and flooding there this week :-( It'll probably be a nasty trip up but fun once I get there....maybe it won't be as bad as they're predicting....hate to think of driving 5 hours in the yuck! Oh well..... I'll take lots of photos!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Another finish

I am not nearly as fast as Mary; in fact I am VERY slow as compared to her. But, I finished another customer quilt today. So that means I am on schedule...only 1 more quilt due for September. That one will get done when I return from the Jacksonville show the end of this week.
So, tomorrow we deliver quilts to the head start pre-school, Tuesday I do the grocery shopping and pack, and Wednesday I'm off to Jacksonville. Should be fun! I've been waiting on thread as Superior threads will be at the show, so I can stock up and avoid shipping costs!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The fruits of my labor

Well here they are! Not my usual palette of brights. I needed some warmer, more subdued colors and some neutrals for a fall theme. I have plenty of bright and hot colors from earlier dye sessions.
I added black to these blues and greens to tone them down a little.
The rest were done layering colors in the dye process. The colors look a little flat and washed out in the photo I think because of the bright glare coming in the window. But they are very rich and warm. I'll have to get another picture in better light.

And here you can see what my "helpers" were up to today! I was ironing all that fabric out and happened to see Harry in the sink as went by. As luck would have it, he stayed in there so I was able to get the camera.

And Chloe was perched in her favorite chair!

The rest of my day was spent sorting community quilts to be donated to the local Head Start school on Monday. The quilts were made by members of my guild. Looks like we will be distributing around 100 quilts!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This quilt I finished yesterday, but could not post till today as my customer just picked it up. She did raw edge applique with different color lame fabrics and then covered them with a layer of shimmering tulle. I stitched the applique down in the quilting process. it gives a very different look...very soft and surreal looking. It really can't be appreciated in the of those you have to see up close.
I used monopoly for the ditch stitching, outlining around the applique, and in the applique. So Fine for the background fill, and Superior "glitter" for the feathers in the border and the sashing. I had some issues with the metallic thread and the tulle. In fact I frogged the border and redid it. Still not perfect, but better. The tulle keep snagging the metallic thread. I gave her the option of me frogging it again and re-quilting with a regular thread, but she likes the look of the metallic(so do I) and we elected to let it stand. It's really not bad...just not perfect.
My day was my monthly "dye" day. So in the next day or 2 after the "washout" we'll have more hand dyed fabric pictures. This session was mainly devoted to getting "Fall" fabrics. We'll see how it works out!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More postcards!

I have now received 3 postcards! They are all wonderful from incredibly talented artists! This one is from Judy.
This one is from Shirley.And this is from Brigitte.

They are just beautiful and I love them all. It is such fun getting this artwork from others. Now I have to work on a way to display it.

Thank you ladies!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Round & Round

I got out my circle maker to demonstrate its use to a prospective buyer (I'm upgrading to the circle lord). So I pulled out one of the charity tops I had waiting and went round and round! Makes a cute kids quilt. Circles and spirals are quick and easy. Think I'll do a couple more before I put it away....that'll help put a dent in that pile of charity quilts waiting to be done too!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Finally getting some work done

The light wasn't that good so these are not the best pictures. But you can see that I am back to work.

This is a shop sample for the LQS who's owner is a friend of mine and allows me to do what I want. Well this quilt "told" me ruler work is good! So not a mark to do, my trusty ruler and feathers did it all!

I also got 6 charity quilts done since the new machine arrived. I am still waiting for my small spool holder and the proper extended base(I used my old one that doesn't fit this machine properly), but the tension is set now and I've established I can satisfactorily run all my favorite threads, so I'm back to work full steam, and not a minute too soon, as those quilts pile up pretty darn quick!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

It's done!

Well Don got the batting roller mounted today, yeah! It turned out to be really simple... just a length of pvc pipe mounted to brackets on the frame. Works great and now everything is back in it's proper place.

I spent the rest of the day quilting charity quilts that had started to stack up. Got 2 done this afternoon thanks to Suzanne Earley's meandering magic. It goes so fast and looks wonderful. My version is actually Jodi Robinson's 'less stress' feathers on Suzanne's meandering framework.

No pictures busy. But the piece I used to get the tension straight shown in last night's post, is now a nap bed for Chloe & Harry. They claimed it the second it came off the frame!