Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This quilt I finished yesterday, but could not post till today as my customer just picked it up. She did raw edge applique with different color lame fabrics and then covered them with a layer of shimmering tulle. I stitched the applique down in the quilting process. it gives a very different look...very soft and surreal looking. It really can't be appreciated in the of those you have to see up close.
I used monopoly for the ditch stitching, outlining around the applique, and in the applique. So Fine for the background fill, and Superior "glitter" for the feathers in the border and the sashing. I had some issues with the metallic thread and the tulle. In fact I frogged the border and redid it. Still not perfect, but better. The tulle keep snagging the metallic thread. I gave her the option of me frogging it again and re-quilting with a regular thread, but she likes the look of the metallic(so do I) and we elected to let it stand. It's really not bad...just not perfect.
My day was my monthly "dye" day. So in the next day or 2 after the "washout" we'll have more hand dyed fabric pictures. This session was mainly devoted to getting "Fall" fabrics. We'll see how it works out!


  1. I can't get a large enough view - you've got the photos re-sized too small!! It looks great but I wanted to see some closeups.

    And you wonder why I finish quilts faster than you do...duh!

  2. Stunning! Really! Stunning! I want so much to do one of these myself... (app) u my spare time!


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