Thursday, September 13, 2007

The fruits of my labor

Well here they are! Not my usual palette of brights. I needed some warmer, more subdued colors and some neutrals for a fall theme. I have plenty of bright and hot colors from earlier dye sessions.
I added black to these blues and greens to tone them down a little.
The rest were done layering colors in the dye process. The colors look a little flat and washed out in the photo I think because of the bright glare coming in the window. But they are very rich and warm. I'll have to get another picture in better light.

And here you can see what my "helpers" were up to today! I was ironing all that fabric out and happened to see Harry in the sink as went by. As luck would have it, he stayed in there so I was able to get the camera.

And Chloe was perched in her favorite chair!

The rest of my day was spent sorting community quilts to be donated to the local Head Start school on Monday. The quilts were made by members of my guild. Looks like we will be distributing around 100 quilts!


  1. I don't know, they don't look like fall colors to me! I'll be interested in seeing the quilt.

    Great job on the charity quilts and your babies are cute as usual.

  2. Beautiful fabrics! I think you ahve a good fall palette. Cats are so funny. How do they decide that a sink is a great place to hang? Kudos on all of the charity quilts!

  3. Ohhhh I love your fabrics. I have all my dyeing supplies languishing in my garage untouched for about two years...............I need to go out there and start playing again!


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