Saturday, September 8, 2007

Round & Round

I got out my circle maker to demonstrate its use to a prospective buyer (I'm upgrading to the circle lord). So I pulled out one of the charity tops I had waiting and went round and round! Makes a cute kids quilt. Circles and spirals are quick and easy. Think I'll do a couple more before I put it away....that'll help put a dent in that pile of charity quilts waiting to be done too!


  1. Are you dizzy from going round & round? You circles are so even, great job!

  2. oh I love the circles! What fun quilts! actually I am loving all your quilt pictures! thanks for sharing them!!!

  3. It looks good. When does your circle lord stuff arrive? I still plan to do spirals on one of my UFO's. I haven't used the single spiral I got with my circle lord yet. I'm kind of lazy and the giant template is so easy.

    I'm eager to check out the tension after playing with the TOWA gauge but I didn't have a lot of time to work today so I finished up the massive scrap binding and made a bunch of labels I'm sending to another HeartStrings quilter who is making quilts for the homeless.

  4. that looks great! i have the perfect quilt to do something similar on. thanks for the inspiration! kayp

  5. Cute! The circles are a great effect on that quilt.


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