Saturday, July 18, 2009

two more

I'm slowly getting all the towels and other linens(sheets, placemats,napkins) done from the girls last week. Fiona and her parents arrive Tuesday. So naturally Fiona and her mother will need tiaras know how it goes, what you do for one you have to do for all!

That's what I'm doing today (instead of laundry and cleaning...any excuse will do, you know)making two more tiaras. I'm about half done with beading the edge on both of them.
After that's done, I'll start on the bling for the body of the tiaras. I wonder which one Fiona will choose? Care to venture a guess? I really like how these two are looking...kind of like sunshine and tropical waters...

Chloe and Harry are just about recovered from the girls visit...good thing to, because Fiona will give them a workout!

I'll leave you with photos of what total relaxation looks like!

Guess, I'd better get busy! Have a great weekend.

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  1. Hi Deb!
    Looks like you are enjoying summer visitors, I mean Royalty. Chloe and Harry look prepared for more tummy rubs. Such happy kids they are. Simon and Schuster are snuggled up as if it were winter ~ sort of feels like that with cloudy 56 degree days. Nothing like Florida!

  2. Your tiara's are amazing. Do you put the beads on one at a time or are they purchased "rope" style? Wow, they are fantastic.

  3. It looks like the cats are saying "what do you mean there are more coming?"

  4. I LOVE cat photos. And those two kitties are just gorgeous. Have fun with Miss Fiona!

  5. Those tiaras are so cute. Where is the pattern from??


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