Monday, October 13, 2008

Where to start....

I have been very busy...I can hardly catch my breathe! So I'll try to catch you up a little. First my online class is keeping me busy. And then there are all those quilts waiting to be quilted.

I thought I was almost done with Mary's quilt. I took it off the frame to turn it for the last 2 borders. All I saw was the gold thread I used in the top and bottom border. Now it is a red with gold metallic Cristmas print...I thought the gold metallic thread would be very pretty....well it is pretty, but overpowering....that's all you see! Ugh!! So now, I am frogging those 2 borders; and when that's done I'll re do them in a Red So Fine I should have done from the beginning. Lesson: Always trust your first instincts.

And I have been very tied up with guild responsibilities of late too. Our Biennial show is coming up in February, so there is plenty to be done.

And, speaking of Christmas, I started my quilted postcards for the family exchange....yes I skipped Oct. and Nov.----don't worry, I'll get to them.

And then, I got this from Mother quite a while back and forgot to post it. Isn't this clever? The photo is Mother, me, and all my siblings from last December.

And then work....well this was panto week....7 all together. This is Debra G' s ocean critters...can't remember the name off hand, but if anyone wants to know, speak up and I'll go look.

This is leaf pile.

And this also is leaf pile .

And there were 2 others exactly the same that I did Debra G's Hibiscus on. It seems I had a run on pairs.....

There were also 2 others I didn't was done with popcorn, and one with splash..both Jodi Beamish patterns.

And my only custom this past week was this oriental lanterns.
I always struggle with oriental theme quilts...not my forte. But I SID'd the lanterns, pumkin seed in the gold border, bead board in the black outer border and my I used my Circle Lord Ginkgo template for all the motifs. Just a medium stipple in the background, as the customer didn't want anything too tight.

I think she was happy, so I was happy.

The rest in waiting are all custom, and hopefully I'll get in some work on my own thrown in there too.

And speaking of my own,I started another quilt....yes I know I have several in various stages of undone. But, I bought this GORGEOUS red fabric...6 yards. Pictures soon...of the fabric at least.

And with that....have a great night!


  1. It made me tired just reding it!! You have been very busy. I'm not sure I could do 7 pantos in 1 week. I'd have to have some REALLY good audiobooks to listen to.

  2. You have been busy! It's always a treat to see what you've been working on.

  3. Yes, that's pretty busy. Too bad you had to frog on my borders but since you know I like subtle - I'm sure I'll like the red thread better if the gold was really as noticeable as you said.

  4. welcome back to blogging .. missed reading what you've been up to ..

    great work on the quilts .. WOW there's a LOT of them

    and your family is HUGE!! are any of those in-laws???



  5. I was just about ready to email you to see if you were OK. Glad to hear you are and are just busy.

  6. I was flipping through blogs and happened across yours. Your quilts are beautiful!!


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