Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fireside Cats

We had another cold night last night, and therefore a chilly morning. So we had a rare fire in the fireplace. Thank goodness we have it for these few cold days we have. Chloe sat on the arm of this chair in front of the fire for 2 hours. Harry came and went...always into something, that boy!
First, he dumps all the toys out of the basket and scatters them all over
Chloe just watches from the comfort of her chair

Off to play of the cat tree...Harry is only still when he's asleep

Why are you still following me with that camera?

Out of here..again

Back to the toy basket for a second...Chloe is still on her chair

Fortunately it warmed up nicely this afternoon...up to 85! Yeah, the cold snap is over!

Have a great night.


  1. Officially, we have too many sparkly balls. My boy RB will carry them from one end of the house to the other - announcing that he has a sparkly ball as he goes...

    Rhapsody will barely bat one if it is righ next to her paw...

  2. Dang it Deb! Those cats make me want to "give in" to Walt and get a cat!!

  3. I think Frankie is going to be just like Harry and the girls are like Chloe....LOL

    I think Gina "should" give Walt a Ragdoll, don't you think? :) Rudy will love

  4. hehehe I love those kitties;) I am glad to see they are still as cute as ever! Give them both my love and some hugs too!

  5. Happy to see healthy playful cats. Looks like that room belongs to them. Schuster is on the mend and thanks you, Deb, for all of your kind thoughts to see him through his surgery.


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