Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New storage and a little work

OK, these are the drawers I told you about. nothing fancy about them. But they hold allot of stuff and are clear so I can see what's in there! It also keeps the dust and cat fur off, and just generally looks much neater than the shelves that were there previously with stuff overflowing and falling off all the time. All the green tags you see are attached to quilts in waiting. That stack has been whittled down considerably in the last couple weeks...yeah!!! And I'm not replacing them as fast now by choice. And that feels VERY GOOD!
These are the drawers I put under the back of the longarm table....the top makes a nice flat surface for my circle lord templates. Oh look...can you believe it 2 empty drawers!!! OMG...must go shopping for more stuff! Let's see, what don't I have that I need??? Or what do I need more of?? And I have room for 2 more drawer units under the back of the table( the store ran out, so I have to wait for the new shipment.)

And to the work.... I don't often do panto's.....but this week 3 came up in a row. Not that I have anything against panto's....just most of my clients want custom. It is nice to have on though now and then. They go really fast. And this one shows that they can be pretty too.

Just a log cabin, no special setting. Black and white. The back is red, soooo I thought it might be fun to quilt it in red thread ( a King Tut variegated). I like it!

My client picked it up this morning and she likes it too, and is going to bind it in red. Cool!
Simple, quick and looks great. Though red feathers would have looked good too......

Harry thanks all of you who sent him birthday wishes!
And you will notice the new button on the side MQResources. A great forum for all machine quilters. As soon as I figure out how, I'll make it clickable to take you to the home page so you can join too.


  1. Wow, I thought at first those bins were that tall but now I see you stacked them. I have one that looks like this size but I think I'll get more of them for my longarm room. The smaller one I have my thread in is overflowing and I'll need something to put my CL templates on too - right now they're on top of the fabric shelves but those will be upstairs.

  2. Empty drawers? Why I've never heard of such a thing! I'm totally confused.

  3. What is the story with those florescent green hang tags?

  4. I have those bins too and love them..great for storage, and as you say we can see through them! I love that blck and white quilt! I have one too and it needs quilting! want to do it? I love the red king tut thread you used!! have a great day..I am heading to make annies and more!


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