Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A quick one

I had a quilt from a very prolific client that has been waiting for a long time. She always does embroidered quilts and they are cute. And she is very patient!

I did Suzanne Earley's meandering magic ferns in the body of the quilt. And then did different fills in the embroidered blocks. Suzanne's inspiration has made my quilting work easy many times. Thanks, Suzanne.

She always says she likes my feathers, but her quilts really don't lend themselves to feathered treatments. But on this one, I used a stylized feather based on Nicole Webb's to do the sashing. Sort of looks like butterflies, don't you think?

Goes with the frog theme and gives her a taste of feathers. I hope she likes it.

Tomorrow all day I am teaching a machine applique class at the LQS. After that I'll work on my "birthstone" postcards for my next swap. By the weekend, I should be starting Mary's quilt that mother made.

Have a great night!


  1. You are right, the meandered fern is perfect for that quilt! It's areally cute quilt with the embroidered frogs.

  2. Very nice border, does look like butterfly wings. I love the contrast of your elegant quilting with the cute comic critters. A very unique quilt.

  3. Another great job Deb. I love the different treatments in the embroidered blocks. One looks like a combination of McTavishing and the 'Bananas' technique shown in the new Pajama Quilter DVD.

  4. Really cute quilt! I think the meandering ferns is perfect the the pebbles are just too cute.

    Nancy H

  5. hey! the quilting looks great. just perfect for this quilt. :)


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