Friday, October 12, 2007

My latest finish

I had a comment last week asking about another quilt that I had done this panto on. It is a very popular pattern by Donna Reinarts called 'leaf pile'. Well here it is again this week on another quilt.
The back was white flannel, so I thought this would give you a really good idea of how pretty this pattern quilts up.
This next set of pictures is the another quilt I finished this week. The customer has it now so I can share it with you. The flowers are 3-D and very pretty.

The back is fabric that she hand dyed and is gorgeous....perfect for the colors in this quilt. I was pleased with the end result, and fortunately so was the owner!

Thanks for visiting my little spot on the web, and have a great weekend!


  1. Your quilting is GORGEOUS! I'll bet she was happy. :)

  2. WOW! The back on that quilt is fantastic! I would hang it up that way. lol The quilting on each one is super.

  3. Stunning!!! I love, LOve, LOVE your quilting on this one!

  4. You do really beautiful work with yuor quilting. Wish you were closer.
    Solvi in Norway

  5. Hello Deb,
    I have admired your sister Mary's quilting and asked her about what she charged for quilting king sized quilts; of course you know that she doesn't quilt others' quilts soooo, your name was at the top of her list. I have perused your site and WOW, your quilting is gorgeous also....WOW. you two have got the genetic thing down!!! I am making 2 king quilts for charity and would like to know a round-about figure you charge for the king or and I do visit here often and will LOOK for the answer. I missed Mary's response on her site....cannot see for looking! Thank you!

  6. Oh, oh, oh! That quilting is gorgeous!

  7. The quilting and the quilts is truly beautiful

  8. WOW! That takes my breath away! It's awesome!


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