Sunday, October 28, 2007

A busy weekend

No quilting this weekend. This was the weekend of our sailing club's "Moonlight Regatta" Done on the weekend of the full moon in October each year, it is a distance race ~ 17 miles (which in sailboat time is from 3-5 hours depending on how fast your boat is and how skilled your crew). Well, it starts at dusk, and we had a perfect night. Beautiful full moon, good wind, and not too hot! It is actually more of a social event than a really serious race...though the guys are always serious about racing!

For me it was a beautiful night out on the boat. We finished and got back to our dock at home just before midnight. It reminded me of those nights sailing when we were cruising our boat long distance from Virginia to the islands.

Then today we had the after race party, and then met some friends who have just returned for the winter for dinner.

This morning, however, I did a little shopping online. I had some "joggles bucks" I needed to use, and after receiving Michelle's postcard a few weeks ago (pictured here)
I have been thinking about trying to do some needle felting. So this morning I ordered 18 colors of wool roving, felting needles and 3 books. 2 on needle felting and the 3rd is "Fabric Art Workshop: Exploring Techniques & Materials for fabric artists and quilters" by Susan Stein . It hasn't been released yet, but is due in the next couple weeks.

Now, to make time to explore all these new things!


  1. Guess you'll just have to get an embellisher......

  2. Sounds like you guys had a lovely time on the boat. I wonder sometimes if you miss it.

    Just for the will not tempt me with this new interest of yours.

  3. I love my time spent sailing this summer on the cat! Lucky you to be able to sail more frequently

    Love you postcard, too!

  4. I got some punch needles a few years ago and they are great. I did not use them much but it is amazing what they can do............should go dig them out. I think the needle felting is a similar related craft............hope to see some related eye candy on your blog soon :)


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