Friday, October 5, 2007

More presents!

Another beautiful postcard in today's mail! This one from Danetta! thanks Danetta, I love it!
It so beautifully shows the fall season...of which we are NOT experiencing! It is still in the 90's. How I long for the weather to break. When it finally does we will have heaven on earth here for about 5 months! 75 -80 degrees and NO humidity! All the windows and doors will stay open . It is just a perfect season here. Once it gets here...hopefully SOON!
And I also had another surprise today. Remember on Wednesday I posted about my extended base plates woes, and that Gammill was working on it? Well today I received the new extended base made to my specs . It fits PERFECTLY!! I am so thrilled! I immediately fired off an e-mail to Gammill thanking them for their fantastic response and FAST solution. Monday I will call Jearld personally to thank him. This kind of customer care is why I'm on my 2nd Gammill.


  1. Pretty! How many of you are in the exchange? I love the card you sent me but I'm NOT going to start making them myself - I'll never get caught up as it is!

  2. It is around this time of the year when I start getting clostrophobic. I want to open the windows so bad.

    Barbara in Ft Lauderdale, the other side of the state


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