Tuesday, October 30, 2007

On my lunch break

A few weeks ago Carla posted about coffee cuffs she made with her logo. They were great! And they reminded me I had seen an article a while back (almost 1 year ago) in Quilting Arts Magazine with directions on how to make them. After reading the article again, it occurred to me that I had the book that originally had the pattern. (your mind is a terrible thing to lose, LOL)
Anyway, I dug out both the magazine and the book and made my own coffee cuff! I just pieced some strips together, fused some leaves, and machine blanket stitched them down. Then layered that with dream puff batting and a another fabric scrap for backing. Quilted the leaf veins and couched the yarn. Cut it all to size using the template, zig zag the edges, then join the ends by top stitching and Voila! A coffee cuff! Much prettier than the cardboard ones the coffee shops use. And start to finish took 20 minutes!

If you don't have the book or the magazine for the template, just use the cardboard one from your coffee! Fun, fast, and easy. Would make great gift for coffee loving friends, AND as a bonus, it helps use those fabric scraps. Also lets you use some of those pretty yarns I know you all have!


  1. Very cute, I think I paged through this book at the bookstore because I recognize this project.

  2. Cute! makes me consider taking up drinking my tea in paper cups!

  3. That is a tiny work of art. You will have the most stylish coffee in town!

  4. Love your coffee cuff!! Looks great!


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