Saturday, October 6, 2007

A busy couple of days

First of all, I received another postcard from my MQR swap group. This one is from Lyn. At first you might wonder what this has to do with our theme..."new beginnings". Can't figure it out?
Well take a look at the back. It is perfect and especially with Columbus Day on Monday! Perfect Lyn! I love it...thanks so much! It is wonderful to see all the different interpretations of a theme. I just can't say it enough...this is an incredible way to collect art from so many talented people!
And then, I finished the Penguin quilt today. I know it looks like a lot of unquilted space between the snowflakes.... It is in reality 3" between the large ones and about 2" between the smaller ones. Had this been my quilt there would have been a background fill in the empty spaces. But it is not mine, and this is what the client wanted soooo...there it is. I did use quilters' dream cotton batting so hopefully there won't be any batting shifting.

In spite of my reservations as to the density and evenness??(is that a word?) of the quilting, it is kinda cute I think.

And here's the back.

So now on to the next one!

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  1. I thought Lyn's card was so clever! The penguin quilt turned out really cute. I would ahve filled in those spaces too though.

  2. The post card is great. I like the penguin quilt. I agree with the background fill but if that is what the customer wanted. I really like it.

  3. It's cute but I agree with you and the other comments - the borders could have used a more dense fill.

    Cute postcards.

  4. The penguin quilt is just adorable! Thanks for showing all of us.

  5. Oh wait until Walt sees this penguin! He will squeel! Do you know the pattern? Mighty fine quilting on it:) And I think the balance is fine. Perfect, Im cold just looking at it! LOL

  6. Hi. I just love your penguin quilt! I've been searching for the pattern for months. Would you mind telling me who the designer/publisher or place where I can purchase it? Gratly appreciated,
    email is


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