Monday, October 1, 2007

More fun

Today was the monthly get together of the textile arts group I belong to. We experimented today with xpandaprint paint. There was a great article in Quilting Arts Mag issue winter 2006. It is a puff paint, meaning that when heated it "puffs' and expands. I have used Jones Tones puff paint before (and love it!) but this was my first use of this brand. It worked very well. On the positive side, it is immediate gratification..meaning as soon as you spread it on your fabric and embed whatever you want in it , you heat it with your heat gun and puff it. Then you can go on to paint it the color(s) of your choice and do any other embellishment you choose. The Jones Tones paint puffs and expands beautifully but you have to let it dry completely before heating it(8 hours or more). the down side of the xpandprint is that is a little more expensive than the other. But for my use they both work well. Our hostess for today was my friend Susie..left front in the photo. And thanks, to another friend Laurie for the photos! You can see how intently we are applying the xpandaprint to our fabric.
And now I'm heating mine to 'puff' it.
And this is what I finished today. There is still much work to do on this composition before it's ready to quilt, but it's coming along!

And then this afternoon I finished work on my next group of postcards that are about due . The theme for this group is 'Autumnal views'. My background is a piece from my recent 'dye day', as are all the fabrics in this piece with the exception of my 'moon' which I made from angelina fibers. I love doing these postcards...quick and easy and great little miniature art pieces!

And then our weather has been divine the last 2 days...low humidity and temps in the mid- upper 80's . Lots of we were able to shut off the air for a couple hours and open up the house! Course, now we're closed again and back on the AC, but that little respite from the heat was heavenly and a sign that in just a few more weeks it'll be temperate and beautiful for the next 5 months! Harry and Chloe took advantage of the lovely weather too!

Well I've had a nice weekend off, so I guess tomorrow it's back to work again! Have a great night!

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  1. The postcard is cute - not sure I like the puff paint project as much but I'm sure once you're done it will be cute. What's the plan for it? Borders? Quilting?


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