Saturday, October 13, 2007

Look! Mary is playing!!

First of all, thank you to all of you that have posted and e-mailed me privately about my design for Judy Ls latest challenge. and about my latest custom quilt. I appreciate all your comments, and love when you visit my blog.

Then for those of you who don't know... Mary and I are sisters. Sometimes we get a little competitive... but I could never have a better support system than her.

I have been needling her since the beginning of the MQR postcard swap about far she has resisted. So I just sent her a postcard when I was doing my last swap.
Well look what I got in the mail today!!! From Mary! I know you can't tell from the photo, but all the detail on the houses is hand embroidered. Thanks you so much, Mary, you can't even begin to know what this means to me.


  1. Debs thats so cool, what size is it?
    BTW that quilt below is knockout, dont know if I already said that, but WOW i love the back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. How fun that your sister is doing this too! Terrific postcard, I'm sure it meant a lot to you.

  3. I'm glad it arrived - I was worried it might not. Love the quilting on the red/green quilt - that's a pretty pantograph.

    The clear envelopes arrived while I was gone - thanks so much for sending them. I have a postcard already done for Mom and one to send to Chris for his birthday too.

  4. Thanks Gina & Carla! Gina the postcard Mary sent 4"x6" and I love it!

    And Mary you are very welcome for the envelopes.....does that mean I'll get more postcards???

  5. WOW! It's beautiful! I can attest that you two seem to get along great -- I met you both at the same time and saw no blood at all! :)


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