Friday, October 26, 2007

I've been tagged

OK, I've been tagged by Yvonne, so I'm going to play along. Here goes:

4 jobs I've had:
I've only had 2: RN/educator and Longarm Quilter.

4 films I could watch over and over:
1) Gone With the Wind
2) The Sound of Music
3) Lawrence of Arabia
4) Fiddler on the Roof

4 TV shows I watch
1) Masterpiece Theater
2) Mystery
3) Paula Dean's home Cooking
4) Emeril Live
(the last 2 give you a clue as to what's important in this house...LOL!)

4 places I've lived
1) Newport News, Virginia
2) Norfolk, Virginia
3) Deltaville, Virginia
4) on our boat cruising down the east coast and the Bahamas

4 favorite foods
1) Chesapeake Bay blue crabs
2) Pink shrimp (fixed any way)
3) Frog Legs
4) crawfish
(and this is just the start of a VERY long list!)

4 favorite colors
1) Turquoise
2) hot pink
3) lime green
4) coral

4 places I'd love to be right now

I'm torn between being here with hubby and kitties, and back in Virginia with the rest of the family. There is nowhere else I long to be.

4 names I love but would/could not use on my children
1) Colleen
2) Sarah
3) Ryan
4) Jacob

4 people I'd love to tag
1) Mary
2) Vicki
3) Debbi
4) Randi

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  1. See....that wasn't so
    Very nice to learn more about you. :)


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