Monday, October 22, 2007

Another work day

One quilt done and out the door, and a new one in to be quilted. And so goes the dance. I made good progress on the one I loaded this morning...should finish up by noon tomorrow.

And the mailman brought me a wonderful surprise today...another postcard from..... (drum roll please!) MARY!!!! Isn't it great! It is her representation of a stand of birch trees she photographed on a recent trip. All of those green and gold dots you see are TINY french knots!

It is beautiful and I LOVE it!! Thanks, Mary.


  1. Your postcard is so all those little french knots. Your quilting is so beautiful...I can understand why she wanted "you" to quilt it. :)

  2. I love this postcard! mary did a wonderful job on this.
    very creative using french knots!
    Kathie in NJ

  3. She won't admit it but I think Mary is hooked on postcards.

  4. OK, I will admit it - I am hooked on postcards. This is one I'm going to recreate for my Postcard Journal Project (I'm going to have to start abbreviating that to PJP) although I may do the version without the french knots. I sent that one to Ann.

  5. I just love the postcard you received!! It makes me want to get out my supplies and make my own!


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