Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Giving to the kids and supporting the police

Some of you know that I have a son who is a cop. Most of you know I am the community quilts chairperson for my guild. Our membership has really swelled the past year, and I find myself with loads of charity quilts. Our guild requires that each member make at least 1 charity quilt a year to be donated thru the guild. And we have many members who make several quilts a month for this purpose. So I found myself with TONS of quilts to donate. And our usual venues didn't require the numbers we now generate. But, we still want to keep the majority local, so I needed to find a new donor project.

Well , since my son is a cop, I have a special respect for what they do, and both the frustrations and dangers they face; I fear and pray for his safety each and every day. So I thought we could combine support for the local police with helping children at risk and in need of comfort. So I talked to the community resource officer for our local PD and asked if there was a need...she said absolutely. So today, because of the generosity of my fellow guild members and my friend Gert, and the vision of Sgt. Reynolds, we took 90 quilts to our local PD to be placed in patrol cars and distributed by the officers to the children who need comfort that they encounter in the process of doing their duty. This will be an ongoing partnership. And it is my hope that this joint effort will comfort at risk children in their hour of need, and foster an environment of trust and hope between these children and the officers who serve the community. And in some small way,... maybe ....will reduce the violence that our children AND our police officers are exposed to. If we give hope and comfort to just one child, and can help save just one police officer from the violence of a hopeless, misdirected youth then I will feel good about what we have done.

Too many children slip through the cracks in our society. And too many officers die trying to protect them. My prayers go out to all of them.


  1. That's an impressive stack of quilts there and what a great idea!

  2. What a wonderful gift to your community! So practical!

  3. That's great Deb, it's nice that you found another place to donate quilts where they will really mean something. Just like the quilts you all make and donate to HeadStart and the veteran's home.

  4. You and your guild is to be commended on giving to your community. What a great way to give comfort to a child in need!

  5. Wow Deb, that is really awesome!


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