Saturday, February 2, 2008

I'm making new postcards

I started out today working on a client quilt. And as always, SID is always the first step for me. After a couple hours of that, I NEED a break. So, first I contacted Michael of Circle Lord and finally placed my order. Then I started working on Valentine postcards. I had bought a bunch of new stuff while Mary was here, and was anxious to use it.

This first one is for Mary. After I had finished, I realized the letters would have looked better with seed beads between them. OK, I'll do that on the next one! So Mary, you're the guinea pig. The other point I would mention about this one is ...don't overlook the scrapbooking isle for things to use. Those hearts around the edges are brads from the scrapbook aisle of JoAnn's. You just poke a hole (I used the eyelet punch that came with my embroidery machine) and put them thru. You do need to add a thin batting between them and the backing fabric...I used fusible batting and it worked fine.

This one is for my oldest granddaughter, and as you can see I added 2 seed beeds between each letter. The heart is made from a sheet a Angelina fibers I fused and then free cut into the shape. I attached it with a machine blanket stitch.

And this is for Fiona, my youngest granddaughter. Again, I separated the letters with seed beads. The heart in this one is cut from "fun foam" from walmart. I painted it with Jacquard Lumiere 'halo pink gold' and stitched it to the postcard with a machine blanket stitch. This stuff is ~1/4" foam and sews beautifully. The star on the heart is another brad from the scrapbook aisle.

This one is my middle granddaughter's. A little blurry, sorry. Again, I used the seed beads between the letters. That looks much better.

And this last one is for one of our adult children. I found a Laurel Burch panel in my stash that had blocks of cat families. I had one to fit each of our 4 kids' . I just added a charm to each one. in this case "Love". I matched the number of kittens to the number of children , or people in each family.

So tomorrow I'll finish the edges on the kids and grandkids cards. Then I'll go back to the SID. And maybe make a few more postcards when I need a break.

Mary called me to let me know she got the latest issue of "On Track" that had my Frog quilt in their new "creative Lines" feature. She says it is good...I haven't gotten my magazine yet, so now I'm really anxious for it.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Wow, you made a bunch of them! I can't wait to get mine. I'm heading back to make some valentine ones now. I like how you used the *love* charm.


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