Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'm off to retreat!

At sunrise tomorrow, I'm off to retreat! 2 days in a beautiful location about an hour north of here. I'm packed; have my challenge block done; and my 80-6" squares cut! And all the stuff to make my calss sample...due next week..LOL!!

My suitcase is packed too. But my Harry, is very sad as you can see in the photo. He is very much a Mommy's boy. Don calls him my shadow. He does not like me out of his sight. He senses that I'm going away, and is even more clingy than normal. Maybe I should take him with me! Unfortunately, I don't think that would go over to well. But Don will be home with him (and Chloe ) the 2 days I'm gone. He'll either be very happy to see me when I come home; or he'll be very pissed! Bad Mommy!
Chloe, on the other hand, is a little more independent. As long as one of us are home, she's fine with that.
I'm taking the laptop, but don't know if I'll have internet. So, it might be a couple days. Have good ones!


  1. Hope you have a great time at the retreat. I'm a little envious... :c)

    I know what you mean about the cats sensing something is up. As soon as I pull out the suitcase, one or more of my boys climb into it. I haven't figured out if they want to go with or are just trying to keep me from leaving. LOL

  2. Harry does look very sad in that picture but he's such a handsome boy. I'm so happy for you getting the Circle Lord - Michael & Kay just live about 45 minutes from me. I've got one on my Christmas Wish List for next year. Hope you had fun at your retreat.

  3. have fun deb! am looking forward to a full report when you get back. :) kayp


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