Friday, February 15, 2008

My 1st triptych received

I have talked before about the MQR triptych challenge I was participating in. I posted the pieces I made a while back. Well today I received my first piece. This 1st photo is the challenge I made. It was taken in 1999 at our home in Virginia. But for the challenge I changed it to a black and white image and sent it to the other participants to interpret in their own way and color palette.

Well, today I got my first one back from Gayle from PA. The fabric she hand dyed, and this photo does not do the color justice. I love it. Thanks you so much Gayle, it is beautiful!

Then, I also finished this week (after returning from retreat), this quilt from Nancy M. She plans to enter it into a show here in the state in March. This picture is blurred, but hopefully you can gleen the essence of the quilt from it. The other photos are more in focus.

These last ones are of the back. With the solid color, it is easier to see the quilting....and for the judge to see the flaws (: (. Oh well!

Hopefully she'll be happy with the results. Have a great weekend!

I'll sure be happy when blogger gets the spell check fixed!


  1. your quilting is beautiful! So much texture and depth.

  2. I hope you both win a's really gorgeous.

    Lovely triptych...she did a wonderful job.

  3. By any chance, is that show the Quilt Show by the Sea in Ft Lauderdale? Please let me know as I will be there and looking for your friends quilt. Good luck to you both, it is beautiful.

  4. Those are beautiful, Deb! I LOVE the red backing!!! It looks so rich and elegant.....


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