Sunday, February 3, 2008

More of yesterday's fun

Today I finished up the SID on the current quilt loaded. I'm always glad when that part is done!
So since I have no quilts finished to show, I'll show you a couple more of the postcards I made yesterday. I made 16 in all.

So this is a pretty lame post for tonight, but some days are like that. Now I'm off to keep my honey company for the super bowl! Later, Gators!


  1. The postcards are great! Superbowl, schmuperbowl....Isn't is time for NASCAR to start already??? :-)

  2. ok, somebodys gonna have to introduce me to this postcard game.. im likin it! lol

  3. Very cute. I'm done with all but the beading on the 3rd Valentine card...just one more to make after that.


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