Friday, February 8, 2008

Better than Christmas!

My Circle Lord arrived today!! Yippee! I have been meaning to get this for a LONG time, but as things go, I just never got around to ordering. Finally, last week I did. Why did I wait so long? For the past few years I have been using the Quilt E-Z templates....what a wonderful step up this will be!

In addition to the basic unit; the templates I chose to start with are the spiral, starz ,tiles, and stella.
Since I do mostly custom work, and my own work leans to the contemporary, the only 2 giant templates I got are below: the zig-zag and the cable. These 2 will lend themselves to creating wonderful spaces for creative custom.
My husband had it assembled in no time flat. Even got the stylus and my laser light changed over!

Thanks Michael and Kay for all your patience and help, you are the best! Be sure to visit their blog for tons of info and inspiration.
I have a busy weekend, and then bright and early Monday I'm off to a guild retreat, so playing with my new toys will have to wait until later next week. But it's all ready to go when I get home!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh Deb ... I am so jealous. What a great toy and close to Valentine's Day too. Hey did Mary tell you that I'm sister #5 now. LOL

    Thanks for visiting my little cell phone/camera bags. Pictures don't do them justice.

  2. They came really quickly. I'm going to order the cable when I get back from GA I think. I just can't decide if I need the Starz too.


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