Monday, February 18, 2008

Not much news

Today was Chloe's annual exam...her first! ( she of course, had all her kitten exams and her "operation" previously) She was a very good girl, and after many indignities, she was pronounced not only healthy, but small for her breed standard??? ( She is a very big girl...and still growing) And was proclaimed such a very good girl for enduring without complaint all the above eluded to indignities. (We can't mention them in polite company) And purring and kissing both the vet and the tech. She is such a sweet girl! On the quilting front, I'm working on another show quilt for a customer, due by March 1, and I pieced and appliqued a new class sample. I took it to the quilt shop WITHOUT taking the photo first!!! Tomorrow, I'll go take the photo and post it then. It is a very simple quilt, but fun and perfect for Florida.

No other news tonight, so I'll go quietly.....LOL! Except for this comment...when is blogger gonna get the spell check fixed?????

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  1. I use the spell check on the google toolbar - it's easier and I can even check my spelling in comments like this.

    Glad Chloe made it through her exam OK.


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