Thursday, January 31, 2008

An unexpected hiatus

The landscapers inadvertanly cut the cable 2 places :( So for the past 2 days we have been without TV and internet. The cable was temporarily fixed this afternoon. Next week they have to come out and run a whole new line. But we're back in business now. In the picture below you can see the 'fixed' cable...they are normally underground. The bulk of the yard is done. The Landscapres are finished. There are still some butterfly flowering plants to put in, but I haven't yet decided what I want, so we'll put those in when I do. We are very pleased with how it turned out. And lucky that the only screw ups, where the cable line and a couple of our irrigations pipes. All back in operation now. WHEW!

And if you look closely in the picture below (click to enlarge it first) you can see Harry inside the screened courtyard meowing away at me! He is a Mama's boy, and doesn't like to be very far from me....this was to far in his opinion!

This is the new flagstone path in the back yard that connects the screened lanai and the 2 boat docks. Turned out nicely. And it'll looked even better when the moss fills in between the stones.
All the open area you see, will have flowering plants.

A view from the other side of the back yard. You can see the jasmine ground cover along the sea wall. That will fill in completely in just a few months. The other side of the back has my fruit trees. There will be no other plantings amonst them as they need room.

Definite progress, in fact near the end. Soon all I'll have to do is watch it grow, and enjoy all the birds and butterflies it brings!

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  1. The yard is lovely Deb. I hope you will add more photos in a few months so we can enjoy seeing how it grows.


  2. Very nice. I also live on the coast of SW Florida and found your blog recently when I was googling "long arm quilters" looking for someone to quilt a full size bed quilt I just made for my almost 4 year old daughters "big girl bed" - previous to this I've always hand quilted all my quilts, but being a full-time working mama, reality set in! I found someone a few mins. from me through my local quilt shop.... anyway... your work is SO beautiful!
    We are also having debates between homeowners and homeowners assoc. about the fact that our water-thirsty landscaping is quite impractical given our drought and that at some point we probably will need to suck it up and accept an assessment to re-do things.

  3. I wondered why you didn't answer my question!! I decided to applique circles to cover the areas that ran. The synthropol didn't get them out but it didn't run any more.

    The yard looks great - I know you're happy to have it done too!

  4. What a nice yard! Designed so well and nicely mulched. Many of us need to be thinking more seriously about water conservation. We are in a semi-arid area, also.

  5. I like what you have done with your yard. Acres of grass is a way over rated concept, esp if you live in the desert.

  6. Your landscaping turned out lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing pictures in a few months when everything is in bloom. Looks like you are in a beautiful spot - and best of all, it's WARM there - lol.

  7. Hey! This looks like it turned out just like you wanted it to. Just think of the water you will save, not to mention working on grass. Much prettier landscape.

  8. I love your yard!! I want to come a visit and warm up.

    When our cable got cut the company said they would be by to put it in the ground in a few days and it took six months.

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