Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Feathered out

Another one finished. This one is impeccably pieced (what a treat that is!) and it is huge...107" square. The client wanted feathers, so feathers she got!
I used King Tut "Cairo" in the fan blades, and So Fine "sunshine" (I think that's the name) in the yellow fan bases; So Fine "Pearl" for the background feathers , Monopoly for the SID, and Rainbows "Western Sunset" for the outer border. Oh yeah and dark gray in the black border.

The batting she chose was Quilters Dream Poly request loft, so it is really pretty thin and flat looking. I was actually surprised I had as much stitch definition with a batt that flat.

This quilt was so big I didn't think I'd ever get to the end! I am feathered out. She picked it up this afternoon and is pleased with it.
The next one is loaded and ready to go. After that one I'll be back on schedule. I also did a little work on my 2 triptychs for MQR. I'm trying some new mediums and techniques, (new to me at least) so it is definitely trial and error. But I'm having fun with them. I'll post photos ( successes and failures) when they're done. I am keeping a photo record of the process and I'll share that as well when done.
I still need to make my challenge block for our upcoming guild retreat; and cut my 80 six inch squares (also for retreat). I still have not done my MQS quilt, or the quilt for my next applique class.
I need more hours in the day!


  1. May I just say....WOW, WOW and again, WOW!!!!!

  2. The quilt is gorgeous! I'll bet it did seem to take forever.

    I'm curious, do you go through the whole quilt with one color of thread then go through with the next color and etc.?

  3. Oh, Deb, your quilting is absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful job you did.

  4. Yeah, I bet she was please with it. I can't wait until you do mine! (No rush, but I can't wait!)

  5. I simply lovely the feathers in the white background areas!

  6. Your quilting is fantastic. I just love it.

  7. Deb,

    Your feathers are BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE feathers and yours are Perfect! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

  8. Your quilting is totally amazing on your fan quilt...wonderful to view...really shake your head amazing!!


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