Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A postcard from Alaska!

A new postcard today from Lily in Alaska! Land of the midnight sun...very cool. this completes my set from the latest MQR swap.

Mary suggested I post some photos to show how my studio opens to the lanai. So they are below.

I have sliding glass doors that pocket into the wall so the room is totally open. And it is totally screened in. I get lots of light during the day and a nice view to boot! It's almost like working outside. The photo above is looking out to the spa. The one below is looking to the pool waterfall and bird of paradise plant.

I really love this space. Although a little small, the open air feel and view make up for the space.
If you're curious as to how the rest of the room looks I posted more pictures here.
It's packed full, and I overflow to the guest room across the hall. But it works for me.


  1. OK, these photos make me miss Florida just a little bit...I might have to come visit you...how's the end of this month?

  2. I'm going to stop reading blogs with photos of fabulous studios, they're just making me feel hard done by (grin)

  3. Love the studio slideshow! I think I'd have a hard time staying inside with that view, though!

  4. so you DO KNOW that I havent been to FL yet right????

  5. Wow! Quilting in paradise! And to think I work in a glorified basement.........

  6. No wonder Mary wants to come visit!! I wanna come too. Have fun down there in the sun.

  7. What an inspiring studio - I love your little painted drawers (please don't tell me you did those too?). It looks like such a happy room with an amazing view.

  8. I would never get a quilt done with a pool smiling and taunting me all day long, lovely, thanks for sharing... I now know where I need to move to....


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