Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My new landscaping

We are in a 2 year drought. Things will only get worse. So I have being doing things gradually to be more environmentally friendly and reduce my footprint on this earth in hopes of leaving something of value for my grandchildren. I have replaced all my household appliances to energy and water efficient ones. We have converted our pool heater from electric to solar. And now, we have removed our turf lawn and in it's place are putting in native, drought tolerant plants, that after established in 45- 60 days, will require no extra watering other than natural rainfall, and no mowing. It is not a cheap process, but in the end will save natural resources and look good...even in a drought! the first few photos are before and during the lawn removal. We removed no trees and also left all the mature plantings that were native and drought tolerant.

You can clearly see the property line here...ours brown, neighbors green!

And now, the planting is under way. Still a long way to go, but progress none the less. There will be no grass...just a garden with winding paths through the plants. A natural xeroscape. But it will be green and beautiful year round, even in years of extended drought. It will require no fertilizers or pesticides. And it will provide habitat for birds and butterflies.

And this is the back yard. A flagstone path to the water, piers and boat. A herb, and citrus garden. And a butterfly garden.

Like I said, a long way to go yet, but in a couple weeks We'll have a beautiful, natural, sustainable eco- friendly environment.
And tomorrow, Mary arrives! Let the fun begin!


  1. Fantastic new look! Does this mean there will be no weeds to pull too? You and Mary have tons of fun!!

  2. That's going to be wonderful! A gorgeous yard with little maintenance....good for you! Have a wonderful time with Mary....I hope you'll be able to give up a few updates. :)

  3. Looks great! And wanted to tell you I enjoyed the 'tutorial' on the air dry clay. Have a great day!

    Vivian Love

  4. That looks stunning. Please post a photo again next year when the plants have really taken hold.
    I see your neighbour across the road still has a very green lawn, has he/she been watering non stop?

  5. I JUST LOVE IT! Who needs to have a MOW anyways????? Grass is highly overated, unless u are chasing little balls around with a stick eh? I spent way too many years doing yardwork, for curb apeal, only to find that I prefer the eco friendly appeal better! Good job buttercup!

  6. I really like what you are doing with your landscaping project. It is going to be gorgeous and sort of California looking.

    Mary must be there by now. Happy days to you both. Hope there are plans to float around in the pool, cool drinks in hand!

  7. Congratulations on adding more ribbons to your collection - they are so well deserved. Enjoy the rest of your visit with Mary. You both come from one talented gene pool!!!

  8. I love that you are going with a lower maintenance, lower water environment. I am really into native plantings and more water for the fish! Hope you have a great day!

  9. Your yard is going to be just gorgeous and not much upkeep! that is the great part, looks great and no work! Have fun with Mary!


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